Clarity about the Throne of Onibeju kingdom ~Ajasa-Info

By: The truth about Ibeju kingdom – a facebook platform

The demise of Late Oba Adebayo Salami comes with shocked to indigene of Ibeju land. Looking at the historical background of Royal family. It’s clear that Ibeju land comprises of 3 Royal Family, which are : Abejoye, Aladeseso and Oniwonlu. For clarity, Late Oba Salami is from Aladeseso Royal family as such the consensus to present the next Oba will be from Oniwonlu Royal Family.

Oniwonlu gave birth to two children namely Oyemade and Lumoye. Oyemade gave births to Badewusa and Ogunfayo.

Oguntolu, Desalu, Ainuara, Ajumobi and Abu-Onikoko are Badewusa’s Children. For the purpose of history controversy, the Oba Elect Oba Waliu Olasunkanmi Rasak is from Oguntolu Oniwonlu Royal House

After the demise of Late Oba Rafiu Salami, the king maker announced the next royal House (Oniwonlu) who will take up the thrown of Onibeju. Immediately, All linage from the Royal family started showing interest including Oguntolu Oniwonlu Royal House. Letters were written to the committee headed by Olori Ebi popularly known as Baba Guard.

Furthermore, guideline was set and and All interested Individuals was properly screened with the guideline that was set side. Interestingly, Waliu Olasunkanmi Rasak is from Oguntolu Oniwonlu Royal House emerged as the Oba Elect Of Onibeju kingdom following the right procedure that was set aside.

It’s visible to the deaf and Audible to the blind that, Oba Elect Waliu Olasunkanmi Rasak shows ethical leadership by following the guideline. He was smoothly and successful announced by the four (4) committee members after a vote (3-1) casted by the Afobaje. therefore, Waliu was declared has most qualify candidates and winner of the race among others.

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