Do you know it is easier to mobilse people to donate and contribute in the construction of worship centres than for the construction of schools, libraries or provision of scholarships?

Don’t you sometimes think with the multiple religious houses and multitudes who throng these worship centres , Nigeria should be a haven with little insecurity, poverty and corruption? Weather you have one worship centre or ten million, it will not define God’s greatness. God will still be God.

What will happen if most of the multiple religious houses were converted to schools. An increase in the number of educated people ? A better chance at reducing poverty?Maybe a more reasonable and educated electorate that will not sell their votes for one thousand naira? Predictably, many reading this post will be turned off even before reading the entire story. To them, the writer is attacking God. That is how brainwashed we are. Relying on God does not mean depending on him without work.

Development and providing better living conditions is dependent on our collective resolve to build that kind of society. Ask yourself, if the proliferation of churches and mosques cannot stop the kidnapping, bad governance, corruption, wickedness etc, what then are they providing? Would you say the situation would have been worse if we didn’t have the staggering number?

So, how many worship centres do the countries we all run to in Asia, Europe and America have? Are they Godless? How many mosques are in the UK? Where is our President seeking medical help? Many wealthy Nigerians would spend millions of naira yearly sponsoring people for pilgrimages but would hesitate when it comes to donating to schools. Am I government? They will ask. That’s how twisted our minds are.

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