Rule Out Contra Indicator; Get Vaccinated Now! NYCN Lagos East VC advocates ~Ajasa-Info

Comrade Are describes process as safe, Ideal and healthy enjoins all youth to go all out to get vaccinated.

The Vice Chairman NYCN Lagos East Comrade Abdulfatai Ajibola Are after taking his first jab of the vaccine at the Council Hall of Somolu LGA on Thursday 25th May 2021 describe the process as seamless, safe and healthy as vaccination is a means to stimulate the immune system of an individuals against viral pathogens.

Vaccination naturally would elicit immune response in the body a reason for the mild side effects in some cases and adverse effect in those that didn’t rule out the contra indicators though the adverse effect following immunization may still occur irrespective of whether being free of contraindications or not.

Contra Indicators in vaccination includes Little children that are just building up their immunity, individuals that have recorded adverse effect to previous vaccination process, including those that are on medication that have suppress their immunity level, and those on chemotherapy all these are advise to be ruled out before subjecting one self to the AstraZeneca vaccination Comrade Are Concluded.

The Vice Chairman further encourage officers of the Primary Health care department to intensify the orientation course on the vaccine administration and the gross benefit of the vaccine for resident of Lagos state as the state gear towards achieving herd immunity for the populace on COVID-19.

Lastly submit yourself for vaccination, get PROTECTED! Its good to be SAFE! Igbega Ipinle Eko Ajumose ni…

31st March, 2021.

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