Senator Abiru Unveils Scholarship, Empowerment, Interest Free Loans For Constituents ~Ajasa-Info

The Lagos-East Senatorial Representative, Tokunbo Abiru, on Saturday unveiled his programmes for the Lagos-East people.

The senator, who will be joining his colleagues in resuming on Tuesday 26 January 2021, after the end of year recess, unveiled three programmes namely; skills acquisition, scholarship, and interest-free loans for his constituents.

Abiru who recently announced a covid-19 support package for over 95 wards in Lagos East, noted that the winners of the scholarship programme will also be mentored with the necessary skills to produce competent and well-informed youths.

“The scholarship will cut across 5 local government areas, it will however be very competitive. The scholars will also be mentored, as this has been one of the major deficiencies of the traditional Nigerian universities,” the senator explained.

The senator also assured that interest-free loans for petty traders and those who are vulnerable will kick off before March 2021

This interest-free loan is targeted towards petty traders, and those who have been rendered vulnerable by the economic situation in the country, I am very certain that before March we would have kicked off the initiative.

25 people from 5 LGA and 11 LCDA will benefit from this initiative, the model will be managed in such a way that everyone will benefit from it.”

Speaking of the skills acquisition, the senator said selected grassroots members will be visiting skill acquisition centers to find out those who genuinely need assistance.

“Many at times when you empower people, say for example with a tricycle, they end up selling it and doing other things with the money. This time we will be smarter about it.

“Grassroot members will be visiting various acquisition centers, necessary to know how many persons we can fund and support, we will be dealing directly with the centers, and we will have a registered list of people we registered with these centers,” the former Polaris Bank CEO said.

The senator also disclosed that 4 people have been mandated to search for satellite locations in Epe, Lekki Ibeji, Kosofe, and Somolu Bariga.

“Everyone does not need to come down to the secretariat, that is why we want to open coordinating centers where anyone can walk in and register their complaints which will be redirected to us.

“You can be rest assured that there will be a daily connection between the secretariat here and the other 4 liaison offices, this is very important for quality representation,” the senator said.

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