Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, on Thursday, disclaimed a trending social media post by a Lagos lawyer, M.O. Ubani, accusing an unknown Task Force of the Ministry of the Environment, acting on directives of the Commissioner, Mr. Tunji Bello, of being responsible for forcibly taking over a disputed private parcel of land.

A statement issued today by the State Commissioner for The Environment and Water Resources described the online information as inaccurate and false, saying the Ministry never sent out its personnel to intervene in any land matter nor is aware of any Task Force involved in such issue.

Bello expressed displeasure and disappointment at being linked with a matter that falls outside his ministerial purview, stressing that the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has no Task Force on land matters or vehicular issues.

In his words, “The Ministry did not send any Environmental Task Force to intervene in any land matter. The use of the name of the Honourable Commissioner, Tunji Bello, in a matter which he is not involved is totally self-serving, dishonourable and unacceptable”.

The Commissioner added that without conducting any form of investigation, the said M. O Ubani assumed that the so called ‘Task Force on Environment’ must be acting at the behest of his Office or the Ministry he oversees.

He advised the aggrieved lawyer Ubani to channel his complaints to appropriate agencies of the State handling land matters rather than calling him out on the social media unjustly.

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