Nigeria @60: A Dig into the Past, Present and Future ~Ajasa-Info

Today marks a day to reflect on how far we’ve sustained the wish of our forefathers in ensuring the birth of a greater Nation.
It is important for us to reflect on how we got here to enable us work TOGETHER to get to where we aspire to be as a strong indivisible nation, united in hope and equal opportunity.

Even in the face of challenges bedevilling us as a nation, we have, over the years shown resilience and unity in our mannerism of approaching situations and that is the uniqueness of the Nigerian blood that has kept us going.

As we bask in the celebration of sixty years of nationhood, there has been speculations on whether the nation deserves to celebrate and be celebrated as questions whether we are a success or failure lingers, especially in the minds of our youths. Questions on the extent to which our leaders have sustained the aspirations of our founding fathers for Nigeria amongst others are found on the lips of millions of Nigerians especially the youths.

It’s on this note that we at the Nigerian Youth Parliament hereby enjoin us all that we should not despair even when the future seems bleak, Nigeria is wired for greatness and we the youths will drive this change.

Although, it seems our elders have failed us, we can as well not act oblivious of the myriads of challenges affecting us as a nation but rather see the efforts of our leaders in curtailing them. We should look out for the opportunities and greatness this country has to offer. Let us work TOGETHER in harmony towards actualizing the Nigerian dream.

60 diggings into where we’re coming from, where we are and where we’re headed.

Let us note this that TOGETHER we’re leaving no one behind in the actualization of the Nigerian dream

Happy Independence Day!

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