Mainland Youth Initiative in collaboration with security agencies admonishes secondary school students on good conduct ~Ajasa-Info

The Mainland Youth Initiative with the support of security agencies and paramilitary organisations and Community leaders in Lagos Mainland embarked on a sensitisation tour to Aiyetoro senior High School and Herbert Macaulay Junior High School respectively to sensitise the students to imbibe good conduct while learning at School.

The visit which came as a result of series of complains by members of the community about unruly behaviour exhibited by secondary school student during and after the School hours such as thuggery, cultism and other social vices amongst them.

The Divisional Police Officer, Denton Police station who led the delegation of security agencies and paramilitary organisations however admonishes the students to shun all sort of violence, rape, bully and infighting amongst them while in school, he encouraged them to be committed to their studies and assured them of a greater future if they are well behaved.

The Lagos Mainland Commander of the Lagos State Neighbourhood safety Corps advised the students on the need to avoid loitering around the community during school hours and also desist from destroying public properties.

As part of the team who visited the students is the Commandant of the War against indiscipline who charged the students to be self disciplined, he preached the need for respect for all constituted authorities particularly their teachers when in school and wherever they find themselves, he further told them that the future starts from now.

The duo of the principals who recieved the delegation with joy and relief were full of praises, they seek further collaboration with the Mainland Youth Initiative and other organisations particularly community leaders as learning does not start and end within the four walls of the school. Hence they thanked the delegation for the good initiative and like Oliver Twist asked for more.

Other organisations presents are the vigilante Group, representative of the CDC, CDA and JSF who also reiterated that the purpose of their visit was to create and Avenue for proper sensitisation and enlightenment which is key to societal development.

The Mainland Youth Initiative has also seized the opportunity to call on relevant government organisations and stakeholders to take responsibility in building the tomorrow of our dreams by living up to the expectations of their set out objectives.


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