Laulat Memorial Foundation gave Scholarship Award to Adejo Oreoluwa from Primary 6, Ishola Aminat from Primary 6, and Ayuba Rahman from Primary 4, the scholarship award is expected to take care of their tution fee till the end of their University education, the event took place in the school premises yesterday.

Laulat Memorial Foundation also gave Adejo Oreoluwa and Ishola Aminat the fund to pay for their common entrance exam, to usher them into the secondary school, while Ayuba Rahman was given exercise books, writing materials, school bag, Mathematical set, and School sandal.

Mrs. Smith Modupe representative of the Education Secretary of Ikorodu local Government Education Area, Mr. Amusa Afolabi she said “This program is a great opportunity for the children, it is a wonderful act by the laulat memorial foundation and on behalf of the Education Secretary, I want to appreciate the Board Chairman and CEO of Laulat Memorial foundation for this kind gesture, you know it is the duty of the Government to provide education for children but we discovered that the Government can’t do it all. For this they are doing, they are helping us we have to thank them for all the effort and we pray they continue to grow higher.”

RT. Reverend Moses Jesuyon Toyi of UAMC Eleja Church urged the pupils to be good children to their parents and face their studies, “Today it’s the turn of these children for this great feat of the scholarship award definitely it will get to you too one day, don’t feel bothered is not as if they are better than you do, it is their time, your own time will come too.”

Mrs Oshinibosi the Head Mistress of UAMC Eleja Primary School, Igbogbo she said “I am so excited today because the Chairman of Laulat Memorial Foundation has fulfilled one of his two promises. I want to use this opportunity to remind him of the modern garden hall that he said he would do for us, I’m really happy that this kind of things is happening during my time. On behalf of the School, the entire staff, I say a very big thank you to Mr. Olayiwola Shotomiwa and I also appreciate his generosity towards our pupils here, God will continue to bless him and God will elevate his own children too.”

Mr. Osikoya Oludare the President of Laulat Memorial Foundation he said “The scholarship initiative has been part of Laulat Memorial Foundation program since 2020, Laulat memorial foundation was founded in 2020 during the lockdown and several palliative were given to the vulnerables and it forged ahead to discover this school, the founder of Laulat Memorial Foundation Mr. Olayiwola Shotomiwa was a product of this school and he took interest in developing the students of this school. He came down to this and was sponsoring all sport events like annual inter house sports and giving award to the students like the previous one held in February. During the inter house sports, the chairman saw some students, the unique ones, the ones who spoke really well and decided that he was interested in them and he said he will sponsor them to the university level so they won’t be shy and he will encourage them to do more.”

“On the inter house sport day award was given to Former Teachers that teaches in that school in the late 80s, to appreciate their good work.”

He also added The scholarship is still ongoing, the foundation is planning to build a multipurpose sport hall, aside a canteen, we are starting all this soon, Laulat Memorial foundation is interested to develop this school fully besides taking care of our elderly ones.
When we launched it on the inter house sports day, we told everybody present that we will soon get in touch with them, so the funding, will be raised through dignitaries and personalities in the town while Laulat Memorial Foundation is starting it.

“My advice to the people out there I believe they should look back to develop where they started from because life is in continuity. If you neglect the past where you tried to survive, your children or relatives might suffer your negligence of you not playing that part, so we must all look back to develop your state and community.”

Mr. Adejo Olalekan, Mrs. Fatima Ramon, Mr. Ishola Sodiq the parents of the beneficiaries extend their profound gratitude to Mr. Olayiwola Shotomiwa the founder of Laulat Memorial Foundation and his team for finding their children worthy of this wonderful milestone they are about to commenced in the life of their children, and they pray for the foundation.


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