On Saturday, 15th of April 2023, ADEBAM FOUNDATION visited the People of Isale Eko for their Inaugural Outreach.

ADEBAM Foundation led by Ambassador Ademola Bamgbade is a NGO that is established to assist young persons and children through the advancement of education: To encourage donations, awareness and participation: To help clarify, organize and prioritize learning: To maintain human dignity, alleviate suffering; To improve the state of natural environment; To ensure impartiality among members of society.

The #GiveinGratitude outreach which took place outside the Oba Palace had some of the Volunteers of the Foundation pay a courtesy visit to one of the Lagos White Cap Chief, High Chief Ismail Oladehinde Folaji (OLOROGUN-IDE of LAGOS)

Volunteers of the Foundation had an amazing time interacting with the older people in the community and gifted over 200 food pack to every elderly present, whilst in return, the Older ones appreciated the Gesture of the members of the Foundation and also Prayed for them.

The kids in the community were also not left out as ample time was also given to have fun and also educate the kids. The children also received gifts and snacks. The kids were engaged in a dancing competition and learned excellent sportsmanship spirit.

The volunteers present and donors all contributed to the success of the first outreach of ADEBAM FOUNDATION one of the volunteers present spoke to the board members about extending the outreaches to borders beyond Lagos State.

ADEBAM Foundation has also promised it’s commitment to the Growth and Contribution of Lagos State and it’s people in their own way as it looks forward to more collaboration with donors, sponsors and partners.


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