HOW BUFFALO DISCOVERED ME: By Emmanuel Amuwo ~Ajasa-Info

The man referred to as “BUFFALO” above is no other person than the highly respected Mr Tayo Akinmade Ayinde; the Chief of Staff to the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who also doubled as the Director General of the Independent Campaign Council (ICC) that successfully delivered & retained Governor Sanwo-Olu’s mandate in 2019 and 2023 elections respectively.

As fate will have it, I was given the opportunity to serve as the the Deputy Director of the New Media Directorate at the ICC, where I was blessed with a great team which made works noticeable and impeccable.
By nature, I never saw myself handling the microphone until the need came to engage over 2000 students waiting to get free UTME forms from the Directorate of Education. It was actually not supposed to be my business directly, but got pushed by the ‘MAJEOBAJE’ in me, feeling I should just get these candidates engaged so they don’t get bored.

Subsequently, the Director General and a Father in the party; The Chairman of the ICC, Cardinal James Odumbaku walked in and I made an attempt to stop, but I was told to continue.
So, It Began!

A consolidated media meeting was held and chaired by the Director General where Hon. Sesan Diani made a comment about how well I performed and the DG who attested to the assertion said congratulations.

This was how it got started and I found myself anchoring events back to back. Sometimes, it could overwhelmingly rise to six events in one day.

Yes, my sincere gratitude goes to Hon. Sesan Diani for his encouragement and support, but If only ‘Oga’ knows what he has put me up for (smiles), if only people could imagine the stress attached to it, but no doubt it gave me an unprecedented fame and I am grateful to God.

My journey in ICC is one that is filled with mixed memories. While I was growing by learning positives, again I learned you can’t be loved by everyone, while the fame through the roles given to me was rising, it also led to the rise of envy and negative talks.

But like I always say, I see myself being part of the ICC as a privilege and that I will guide by a strong focus, so I couldn’t allow those side talks get distracted.

I found a family both in and outside my Directorate and we have since became brothers and sisters which is greatly important.

The Independent Campaign Council is not doubt a place to learn politics and human relation. It is a place where ONLY God can lead you on what to do and not to do because any little thing or mistake can be exaggerated and you won’t be there when discussion is going on.

The issue of recognizing people on the high table was a major issue and sometimes get confrontational. Lastly, the ICC is a place where you must learn to be humble because you don’t know how powerful or influencing the person next to you is. A place where your talent can find expression.

A man who has not just shown commitment, but allowed his flesh and desire to be subdued. Mr Ayinde our own Director General is the kind of man you will give an assignment and go to rest because he will deliver beyond your expectations. A man with a kind heart, a compassionate man that can’t afford to see you down.

I see the excitement on his face anytime he talks about the Governor, he’s so confident and proud to share the achievements of the Sanwo-Olu led administration with people.

Mr.Tayo Ayinde knows how to encourage you no matter how angry you are , he knows how to restore hope no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Show me your Director General and I will BOLDLY show you my very own Capacity Director General Mr.Tayo Akinmade Ayinde aka BUFFALO.

I find it hard to get the exact word to describe the Chairman of the ICC, Cardinal James Omolaja Odumbaku.

A father with a large heart and never look down on anyone. A pragmatic and dogged politician and still find a balance in the place of his calling.

Despite the fact that I am not too close to Baba Etoo, but I see several times he ensured the microphone was not taken away from me. Sometimes I wil go to Baba and plead if I could allow someone else do so it doesn’t look as if I am doing it alone, Baba will bluntly tell me no.

Baba is no doubt a blessed gift to the Tinubu dynasty and ICC is privileged to have him as our Chairman.

Baba Etoo and our DG I refer to them as 5&5, the synergy between them is more than husband and wife. The understanding can only be divinely orchestrated. I LOVE YOU DADDY.

I am thankful to everyone who accepted me, my shortcomings not withstanding. TINUBU-SHETIMMA and SANWO-OLU-HAMZAT Independent Campaign Council is no doubt a blessing to me and I look forward to better days ahead.


Emmanuel Amuwo
Deputy Director New Media
Independent Campaign Council


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