You Can’t Force An Imposed Candidate On Us, APC Aggrieved Group Replies Hon. Karimi ~Ajasa-Info

We Won’t Work For An Imposed Candidate Who Depends on the Role of Sugar Daddy to Win an Election; APC Yagba West Replies Hon. Karimi For Throwing Tantrums at Other Candidates.

Some aggrieved members of the All Progressive Congress APC in Yagba west have replied Hon. Sunday Karimi ahead of the March 11, 2023 election of the Kogi State House of Assembly.

The aggrieved group stated that the candidate of APC for the House of Assembly election was imposed against the interest of the party members and leaders in Yagba west.

“The news around the emergence of the candidature of the flagbearer of APC in Yagba West was not far-fetched from the fact that the government had an interest in who becomes the candidate of the APC for Kogi State House of Assembly in Yagba West.

“Accordingly it was alleged that the candidate is one of the “girlfriends” of a top government official, having a secret affair with a top government appointee in Kogi state, who is playing the role of a “political godfather and sugar daddy” to the candidate, the group insinuated that some leaders in the APC led government in Kogi State just want to use the people and not give a level playing ground to members who have built and worked for the party at the grassroots.

Where is the fair treatment to those who have held the party at the grassroots? How would they expect us to be loyal and work for an individual who has no virtue and moral standards, what will she preach and what foundation would she lay for the younger generations?

The group stated that they are not ready to support a candidate with no moral standards and virtue, imposed against the party through unrefined interest and purpose.

Hon. Karimi is throwing unsolicited tantrums to other candidates whereas our candidate in APC also has enough skeleton in her cupboard that we have decided not to work for her based on the imposition and unpopular acceptance in Yagba West with other stages of unclean records.

The group advised Hon. Sunday Karimi, to stop throwing tantrums as a leader, which is liable to destroy the reputations and integrity of other candidates and allow the people of Yagba West to decide through the ballot as our candidate in APC for House of Assembly Yagba west including Hon. Karimi himself are not saints, that some party loyalist has decided to keep quiet all this while should tell him we just want to promote APC and not create unnecessary logger heads fight that will aggravate the aggrieved members to more anger.


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