LASUSU SPC holds 6th edition of National Parliamentary Summit ~Ajasa-Info

In the history of National Parliamentary Summits, this year’s edition was the best and was led by a female

Perhaps it’s a curse. Perhaps it’s only the manifestation of our myopic reasoning. Looks like it’s more of the latter than the former.

As Nigerians, we have a penchant for complaining about everything even when the odds are in our favour. We’d rather complain or die than be forerunners by taking the necessary steps. It becomes more interesting when we have representatives who don’t live up to our expectations.

We’d definitely make sure they rue the day they were chosen to be representatives as it’s become a normal practice to bash underperforming leaders, but when it’s time to play our part, we do know how to chicken out. It is even more heart-rending when youths who are supposed to be trustees of prosperity (of the future) continue to lament whilst refusing to take even the minutest of steps. We forget that good governance will continue to be a philosophy (an abstraction) until concrete steps are taken to realise its manifestation. If we remain so forgetful; so unperturbed, what then, does the future hold for us?

Well, the 32nd LASUSU speaker and organisers of the National Parliamentary Summit look like they belong to the faction of youths that are indeed trustees of prosperity, taking the right steps. Of course, the Parliamentary Summit was one of those ‘little-big’ steps. And, it’s no charade when I say you did yourself a whole lot of wrong by not attending the program.

The National Parliamentary Summit is a conventional summit birthed by the legislative arm of the Union and it serves as a platform for budding legislators and guest participants to meet, network, and learn from their mentors as well as discuss relatable topics and trending issues in the society.

On Thursday, 12th of February, 2023, the 32nd LASUSU SPC held the much-anticipated National Parliamentary Summit Colloquim (the sixth of its kind). A day earlier (Wednesday,11th of January, 2023), a medical outreach and an inter-parliamentary debate was held. The debate saw various parliamentarians-cum-legislators argue the justifiability of the imposition of capital punishment on corruption. And indeed, the experience was worth it as various eye-opening positions were made for and against the notion.

Thursday’s Colloquim turned out to be the icing on the cake for the two-day programme as eminent personalities in the political sphere were in attendance. Individuals like Comr. Ayodele Adewale (Former Chairman of Amunwo Odofin local government and incumbent State Organising Secretary, APC, Lagos), Dr. Seriki Muritala (APC Youth leader, Lagos), Hon. Owolabi Falana (Permanent Board Member, SUBEB), Mr. Adewole Adebayo (Former SSA to the Governor of Kwara State), and others added splendour to the summit by gracing the occasion. Interestingly, all aforlisted (and other invited) guests are all youths trailblazing the path of leadership and participation in governance, and Perhaps with these great minds, we need not worry about the future.

The Summit, from all indications, promised to be the biggest ever organised by a students-led organisation and yes, it surpassed all expectations. From the organisation, to the speakers and invited guests, to the panel session, to the debate, to the topical issues discussed, to the turnout, and the dedication of the Parliamentary Council to ensure the smooth running of the program, the summit is arguably the best of all summits held in the institution (if not nationwide).

In that light, credit must be given to the Speaker and the Council for organising a summit that’d surely be perceived by many as the biggest and best of all student-organised Parliamentary summits.

However, we implore the Parliamentary Council to begin to look to the future, especially at this crucial times in the LASUSU political space and ensure that activities are run as they should as only then can they leave a legacy that’d be remembered by posterity.

Awonuga Mujeeb, Editor, LASU Life Newsletter


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