Olatoun Olabinjo Women & Girl Initiative in collaboration with Tikvah Initiative for Women & Children Celebrates International Day of the Girl Child with Girls of Yewa Grammar School in Ikorodu ~Ajasa-Info

The Olatoun Olabinjo Women and Girl Initiative in collaboration with Tikvah Initiative for women and children support (TIWCS) celebrated the International Day of the girl child with the students of Yewa Senior grammar school yesterday 11th of October, the foundations also donates sanitary pads to girls of the school.

Barrister Toun Adekoya the founder of Olatoun Olabinjo Women and Girl Initiative at the International day of the girl child expressed that “As a lady there are five dresses you can wear in life, your school uniform, matriculation gown, graduation gown, wedding gown and maternity gown.

“The time to work for the height is now, even if your parents can’t assist with your education, cry out because some people are willing to help”.

“Girls your time to protect your future is now, you are the architect of your own life, when I wanted to enter the university, I was to see the vice Chancellor, the man I don’t even know, nobody introduced him to me and I don’t have any letter back in 1987 when I wanted to read law, I will just stay by the law faculty looking, one day I saw the vice Chancellor coming to the faculty, I approached and begged him to help me out without a letter, I stayed at his office as requested by the V.C and was persistently waiting for his approval, I confronted him again on the third day before he gave me the admission” she said as she encouraged the girls don’t condole such person, don’t allow one miscreant to destroy your future.

She further implore them to beware of molesters and to speak up when faced with this issue. “Be bold to speak up even if a teacher tries to molest you, I am not saying you should be rude to them but always speak up”. She added

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