Ikorodu Independent Youth for Asiwaju officially launches Group, Inaugurates Executive Members ~Ajasa-Info

Ikorodu Independent Youth for Asiwaju officially launched her group yesterday, Swear-In the Executive members, the newly Executives will be the one to pilot the affairs of group, Ikorodu Independent youth for Asiwaju is bent to go all out for the success of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu within Ikorodu and beyond.

In the welcome address of the Deputy Coordinator Comrade Qudus Adesanya “I’m more than grateful to stand here and welcome you all to the Inauguration of ikorodu independent youth forum executives, without your effort and contributions nothing can be done, It takes formidable heads to push a group forward.

“This group is meant for the youths , we should have it at the back of our minds that we have capacities and our capacities needed to be build upon trust in each other.”

“With the likes of us here I strongly believe that this group has come to stay”

In the remarks of the Convener Comrade Abegunde Hawa Omolola “Our ideas of Supporting ASIWAJU with constructive motivation among youths of different ethnicity around Ikorodu and Lagos as a whole.”

“We the Ikorodu independent youth for Asiwaju have decided to work through individual through certain level of Survey to know the interest and to convince the likes of youths who has different motives.”

“Implanting the concept of Asiwaju in today generation, could brighten the future of not only the youth but everyone within the state.

“Our group is vested in creating different perspectives and offer hope to the less privileges. Regards to our moves for Asiwaju, we were able to motivate and encourage the people in our locality, we are challenged to make sure our youth are ready to perform there civil rights which is our priority.”

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