On the commemoration of World malaria day, the Council hall of Mushin Local Government Secretariat was agog on Friday, 6th of May 2021 as Pharm. Salaam Adetunji Ayobami hosted a medical and health outreach to the people of Mushin LGA. The programme was facilitated by the Young Pharmacists Group alongside medical students and professionals from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Community.

The programme started at 10a.m prompt and lasted for over four hours with hundreds of Mushin residents who were beneficiaries of the laudable programme with many receiving anti malarial medications and treated mosquito nets. Blood pressure checks, fasting blood glucose and random blood glucose tests, BMI were also conducted for the attendees.

Pharm. Ayobami, an erstwhile contender for the Lagos State House of Assembly seat for Mushin Constituency 2 while speaking to correspondents emphasized that the programme was not just another political gimmick but was borne out of his passion to see a healthy Mushin. He stated that even before the current political season, he has been involved in organizing outreaches, medical or otherwise for the betterment of the community.

He stated that health is wealth. “When a breadwinner comes down with malaria, that means at least 2 to 3 days of missed work and endless queues in our hospitals, and with the majority of the beneficiaries who are non salary earners, missing two days of work may mean hunger for their families. Malaria treatment may cost as much as 2,000 naira. How many people make 2,000 Naira per day in this economic climate?” He asked.

“Furthermore, Malaria is one of the top three killers of Children under the age of 5 and may cause serious complications in pregnant women. So it is quite serious for something that is easily preventable. So outreaches like this are important and should be encouraged.”

In our chat with Idowu Oluwatosin, the Welfare Secretary 2 of Ideal Youths Lagos, he applauded the initiative. He said “Initiatives like this are very important. It allows for early detection of malaria, the residents get free antimalarial drugs, preventive mosquito nets, and education on malaria prevention. This will help decongest our healthcare facilities and reduce the patient burden on our medical practitioners. Also, the other tests we are doing here; blood pressure check and blood sugar tests are also very important. People can know their risk for hypertension and diabetes and thus prevent these silent killers from causing serious harm.”

The President of College of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science Students Association (COMPSSA), Comrade. Shobodun A. Babatunde also commended Pharm. Ayobami for facilitating the outreach. He said “We opted to study Medicine because we want to help people and see them healthy. This outreach is a means to achieving our dreams even as students. It is also a lesson in managing patients outside the framework of a hospital and learning to communicate and manage patients of diverse backgrounds with different complaints. This outreach made me feel fulfilled.”

In his closing remarks, Pharm Ayobami deeply appreciated the Young Pharmacists Group and the numerous volunteers who came out enmasse to conduct the programme without remuneration.

He also thanked the Local Govt Chairman, Hon. Emmanuel Bamgboye and the Council manager, Comr. Sogo Osikoya for their massive support and providing the team with an enabling environment for this exercise.

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