The Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership: A Social Impact Fellowship ~Ajasa-Info

The fellowship was launched during the 5 years Anniversary on the 10th of October, 2021 with the consent of the Agbede Olorogbo Community Development Area and other stakeholders in the community.


With several sessions, ranging from, Core values to Self discovery, Ethical leadership, Effective communication, Active reading, Career development, Vocational skills and entrepreneurship, Tech as a career, Design thinking, Sexual and gender based violence, Drugs and substance abuse, The sustainable development goals (SDGs), Ubuntu, Commitment to community and lots more, we were able to replant the seeds of these young leaders and we are excited about their yet to come.

In the span of six months, we have had official sessions and informal sessions where we rub minds and connect with the participants while taking them on their development journey. Seasoned facilitators were invited for the sessions. Resourceful and inspiring speakers like, Atitebi Rasheed, Hassan Sherrifdeen, Onafowokan Ayopo, Buhari Raqeebah, Taiwo Olufunmilayo, Oladimeji Ibraheem, Haneefah Abdurahman-Lekki, Mojisola Savage, Agbaje Ma’aruf, Ojotu Munirah, Bekederemo Angela, and lastly our convener Taiwo Akorede rode this train of seed replant action with us.

We had our graduation ceremony on the 13th of March 2022, where certificates where given to all participants. Awards of recognition and appreciation where also given to outstanding participants and volunteers while Award of Excellence was also presented to the Project Lead and Director (Quadri Azeezat and Hassan Sherrifdeen) by the FYL Board of Trustees.

Our sincere appreciation goes to the entire project team and volunteers, the governing council of FYL, the Olorogbo community and all those who have contributed towards the success of the fellowship program both morally and financially.

Additionally, after this fellowship program, we are embarking on another journey to mentor and guide these young ones after we have trained and equipped them with necessary leadership skills they need to become Ethical Leaders. It’s our plan to work the path with them. Hence, this mentorship program.

We will be starting a #Youth2Youth Initiative soon to keep watering the seeds that we have planted in these young champions. As such, we use this medium to seek and encourage young and capable mentors who are willing and able to mentor our graduates in different fields. We encourage you to go to our website at and fill out a mentor volunteer form and we’ll get in touch with you.

The opportunity is also open to youths that hope to become ethical leaders who might have not gone through our fellowship but the slots will be limited. So, do the needful as soon as possible.

Lastly, for anyone who’d like to partake or sponsor any of our subsequent projects or have questions about how to be part of this moving train, please check out our contact section on our website and we’d be glad to hear from you.

FYL – The Future is Ours to Create!

Our purpose at the Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership (FYL) is to create better generation of youths with sound leadership, moral values and orientation by contributing to the development of their leadership potential.

We began a 6 month social Impact Fellowship program in October 2021 for Senior Secondary School students and school leavers in Agbede Ikorodu, Lagos, with the aim to empower them with right resources and support channels needed to become Ethical Leaders wherever they find themselves.

Azeezat writes for FYL

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