On (Thursday) 10th Of February, 2022 Prince~Fuhad Oloto hosted and empowered one hundred (100) widows in Lagos Mainland LGA, the event took place in the council hall.

For many women around the world, the devastating loss of a partner is magnified by a long-term fight for their basic rights and dignity.

In Chairman’s speech, He review that; Despite the fact that there are more than million widows around the world going through different negative challenges, widows have historically been left unseen, unsupported, and unmeasured in our societies which is too bad.

This tinkle my feelings to count on the windows for they’re (should be) our number one priority to help and heal from my purse, categorically; I’m throwing my speech to the wealthy souls in our societies to emulate giving arms to the needy. By this act, we are reducing the rate at which widows suffer in our world.

During the program, countless number of widows praise and pray for Hon~Prince Fuhad Oloto regarding the empowerment and alot he has been doing for Mainlanders.

In the presence of Lagos White cap Chiefs, political leaders, clerical leaders, influential people and lots of personalities in attendance, song of praise and other ceremonial activities took place at the event.

To God be the glory for the successful programme planned, expect more of this positive initiative from the able PFO FOUNDATION

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