US based Nigerian musician, Abiodun Owokoya, popularly known as Abbey Cheche, has expressed the need to create more channels where the youths, especially up and coming artists will showcase their budding talents so that they can be developed into super stars.

Mr. Owokoya, who stated this in a press interview in Lagos, frowned at the worsening rate of involvement of Nigerian youths in social vices. He expressed his willingness to invest in the youths, especially those with special talents, through his Cheche Foundation to help reduce youths’ restiveness in the country.

He described investments in the youths as an investing in the right channel. Mr. Owokoya also called on the youths to take their hands off vices that can damage them and truncate their dreams.

He urged them to look inward and discover what they can do that can fetch them money in a decent manner, maintaining that staining their hands with blood can never be a way out.

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