The circulated news going round the Social Media space about one Ms Qhadeejat Morenikeji Balogun being found companion in Mr Olamilekan Olahan popularly known as “Odogwu” was just a sensational and comic story that was purposely written to bring warm togetherness and peaceful coexistence withing the Youths of the country, without forgetting the fact that love and harmony should form our thought and reasoning, because these two concepts are what that makes any nation ride in fear of trust and believe to walk side by side in achieving greatness.

The young man named Mr Olamilekan Olahan was known with his friendly character and attitude for being with everybody in the Camp. He’s known to be a young cool and calm youth that always finds happiness and joy in interacting and socializing with the people around him, which earned him his popular name amongst his peers as “Odogwu”.

However Ms Qhadeejat Balogun is a good kind hearted lady that derived joy in exhibiting her playful lifestyle by using it to bring people of different tribe, religion and ethnic diverse together. As it has been psychologically researched that over the past 50 years, has investigated the differences between liking someone, loving someone and being “in love”.

Liking is described as having positive thoughts and feelings towards someone and finding that person’s company rewarding. We often also experience warmth and closeness towards the people we like. In some instances we choose to be emotionally intimate with these people. Our brain behaves differently when we’re in love with someone compared to when we like someone. But we also experience a deep sense of care and commitment towards that person.

In all, the news was just to inject humor, laughter, sense of togetherness and possibly bring the Camp activities alive, and nothing attached of trying to bring down the character of the subject involved.

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