By Jenrola Misturah

Occupational Therapy is a client centered health profession that helps people with disability/dysfunction get back to their maximum level of function, be it physical, social, mental dysfunction. The theme for this year’s OT day is BELONG, BE YOU.

Belong. Be You.

This year’s theme is directed to “self”, and concerned about the well being of the individual as occupational therapy is directed to the individual and self as a whole. Belong, Be you. Simply implies to being your self in your disability, not trying to hide or cover it up, but simply owning it and being accepted by one’s self without caring about what the world has to say, without caring who dis-their-ability. This years theme is calling out on all who has an ability in their dis-ability to come out and own their ability, them belonging to and being themselves.

Therapist around the world has observed that most people with dis-ability try to fit in to the world or try to be some else because most of the world do not know the proper awareness about them and then dis- their ability. But this year, we are bringing to their attention that all they need to do is belong to themselves, Be themselves and not hide or mask their ability, Instead Belong. Be You.

The extent of an occupational therapist’s knowledge is boundless.A profession that as a centric focus on activity of daily living encompasses a plethora of things medical, psychological, emotional, educational, developmental, restorative, rehabilitative and lots more!
We combine this knowledge to serve our clients

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