Princess Basirat Adetutu Banjoko the Councillor representing ward C1 Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA donates school uniforms to students of Methodist primary school and Ansar udeen primary school in her ward.

According to Princess Basirat “Ansar udeen primary is my alma mata I didn’t only do it because it is my alma mata, because we have been to Methodist primary school both in my ward, to give the students school uniforms we realized that some of these students their uniforms are not too good and it is due for change.

The Councillor representing ward C1 also note “few weeks back I was in Ansar udeen to enlighten the students and Senaitizes them, some of them don’t know the reason they are in school which their is more to school other than to make friends and play, and I make them understand they need to learn and study in order to come out flying colors in thier academics, it is foundation they need as a primary school. Also abuses are everywhere in the community, whenever they see something they should inform their teachers, Guardian, or their Parents.

Princess Basirat Adetutu also said “100 School uniforms were given out to pupils today 50 uniforms for Methodist primary school , while Ansar udeen primary school has 50 uniforms too, the special care unit for special kids has its classroom in methodist Primary School they are 13 in numbers but two were present today and the remaining 11 uniforms were reserved for the rest, this is to ease the burden from their parents in order not to buy uniform”

Princess Basirat Adetutu Banjoko

Princess Basirat give assurance “I’ve taken note, I have given feedback to the Chairman on some facilities the school need, and the Chairman affirmed positively that he has gone round the schools and the school administrators has submitted their needs, which changes will take effect any moment from now”

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