Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS) Indoor Games Youth Championship ~Ajasa-Info

In a bid to make its programmes gets across all and sundry, the IKODASS indoor games youth championship kickoff with accreditation of the participants at Youth Center, Ita Elewa.

The games cut across children below 17 years (under 17)

Day 1, Tuesday.

Children were briefed by the coach on principles of the game, its rules and regulations amongst others. Also they were admonished not to use foul languages at each other while playing the game.

The Chess game commenced with the children with much enthuasic spirit, giving it their intellectual ability and optimum attention.

Thinking Deep session while studying the tactics of the game’ . Enough time-play was allocated to the participants. .

The Second round of the Chess game commenced with participant being called on board by their names and a certain colour code.

The participants were briefed by the Coach once again. and the Round 2 kick started.

Indeed the Chess game-play from the live coverage right there entails ability of a kid to think on their feet, To think outside the box in a bid to win over their opponent. It took calm resolve, smart tactics and detailed analysis to decide next moves.

And at the end of the Rounds.. it was a of emotions for the children whom couldn’t complete their task, there was a certain female child whom excel through first and second round, but couldn’t meet up with the third, she bursted out in emotional tears it took coach and other spectators to console her. After-all she remained a true winner, Defeat does not make Human there’s always a second chance at it.

Scrabble Winners
Male category
Soaga Mayowa – 4 (plus 617) points (winner)
Giwa Oluwaseyi who scored 4 (plus 566) points (second)
Ogbonna Michael with 4 (plus 468) (third)

Scrabble Winners
Female Category
Miss Adisa Emmanuella – 2 (- 256)points (winner)
Miss Peju – Akinyemi Goodness – 1 (-395) points (second)

Chess Winners 
Male Category
Afolabi Emmanuel 6 points
Victor Nwakwo 6 points
Jamiu Ninalowo 5 and half points

Female Category
Sunday Chinoso Mary 5 points
Ogbonna Confidence 4 points
Everestus Joy 3 points

The Winners

The Chairman of IKODASS Mr. Rotimi Erogbogbo encouraged the kids by saying all of them are winners due to the fact that some of them are emotional already, and he also promised that this kind of Indoor games are coming up later December this year but this time around all of them will be trained to satisfaction before embarking on the competition.

He Congratulate winners of various competitions which he states the categories of prices, First place to get the sum of 50,000 naira, Second place 30,000 naira, Third place 20,000 naira.

Mr. Erogbogbo admonished them once more “all of you are winners, don’t feel sad because you loose verily tomorrow you shall win when you focused, better days are coming.

Ikorodu Division Football Association Chairman Mr. Luqman Shonibare “Don’t loose hope their is always a winner in a competition what you just need is to strive hard and become a winner, the sky is your starting point I Congratulates everyone of you for a job well done, with what I saw here you can represent Lagos State in any kind of Indoor games and I’m positive that you’ll come back with the medals.

Mr. Luqman Shonibare on a closing note “Ensure you keep training one day you shall make yourself proud, your parents and your dear State.

Day 2 Wednesday, Snooker games:

First Game        Sets
Tella Olabisi      0, 0
Adeyemi David 1, 1

Second Game   Sets
Adeyemi David 1, 1
Agboje Charles 1, 0

Adeyemi David was declared the winner of the Snooker competition, all winners of the competitions are expected to be at the Grand finale on Thursday to claim their respective prices and certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

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