Cardinal James Omolaja Odunmbaku is a rare Gem with the greatest love for people. We are grateful and thankful to God for the gift of Cardinal Odumbaku in our lives And in the Celestial circle, he looms larger than life.

He’s bubbly, worldly-wise, skilful and dexterous in politics, as he’s well versed in the art and nuances of the Scriptures. How he combines the pulpit with politics with uncommon ease is one of the facts that make him an enigma.

And, he’s so deft at the two that I find it hard to query his assertion as a “spiritual politician”. Another attribute of the man commonly known as “Eto” organiser or master planner, is his fearlessness on the political turf which confirms the spiritual truism that man will live a fiercely fearless life, if he truly fears God.

Your headstrong approach and passion to achieve what you set out to do are so remarkable and truly inspirational. You have guided us all in the right direction and motivated us to do our very best. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader! Happy Birthday Daddy, and enjoy your beautiful day.

From Your Daughter: Aarebirin Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba
National Deputy Chairman ( Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria)
&Vice Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government

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