NYCN Lagos East Senatorial Town Hall Meeting in Commemoration of the 2021 International Youth Day ~Ajasa-Info

By Muhammed Adekunle

Ikorodu play host for the Lagos East Senatorial Town Hall In Commemoration of the 2021 International Youth Day on Wednesday 11th of August, which stakeholders from the Government are Present to celebrate with the Youths.

The guest lecturer Dr Adebosin Gbadebo. Deputy Provost, Lagos state co-operative College, he did a justice to the theme of this year International Youth Day.

What is our actual population ? How many of these population are youths. Statistic from National Bureau of Statistics (NBC) says 60-80% of citizens are youths.

What chances are given to youths in the country today. – Youths have to be given opportunities although no doubt that youths have being offered ‘few’ opportunity to re-build the country. Youths need Skill, they need vocation to contribute their quota, Youth need strength and credibility to contribute to modern resources, because Youths have being used as instrument of violence. Youths are constantly moving from rural to Urban areas’ United Nations (UN). says by the year 2030 youths would have all moved to urban centres. Whereas, what happens to our Vast land. Mechanization helps agriculture to grow GDP’ Youths have low access to loan facility’ Lack of access to lands. – Lack of capacity and monitoring is a bane in youth being handicapped Intellectually’ Development programmes has to be harnessed to our teeming youths.

What is Food Security; Food security simply means when people/citizens at all times have physical, socio-economic, and financial access to foods that is nutritious, and healthy to their well-being.

Things to be done by Youths (a) Sufficient availability of Foods ensuring youths are allowed to agriculture. (b) Individuals should have enough money to purchase Food to their family (c) Make sure foods are properly processed and stored (d) Individuals should have sound knowledge of Food nutrition.

Constrains and Objectives Of Food security and how Youths can Contribute to the economy through agriculture include; (a) Passion/emotions to succeed at doing what you have to do regardless of sentiments. (b) The mindset that farming is only for locals have to be changed. (c) Production of enough food and cash crops through modern methods, Comr. Ayodeji Tinubu
Former Secretary Lagos state NYCN.

He spoke on loan acquisition for youths, he used his constituency as a yard stick whereby loan facilitated for about 70youths of that community and only about 20 percent paid back the loans after much threats and continous request for the loans to be paid by the beneficiary.

He also noted that the non-remittance of loan to the appropriate quarters will further stifle the Unavailability of next generations to access loans facility from the government due to lack of trust. He further admonish our teeming youths to change their mindset towards government funds being released. Such as loans being refunded making them accountable and more responsible in the Society.

He also went further ahead to gear the youths in Technology and ICT to work towards building applications that will help the market women and men with ease. To sell their products through digital marketing. And subsequently grow the economy
Hon Femi Saheed representing Kosofe Federal constituency .
While making his address on how the state Legislative have being contributing his quota to youth development through empowerment and loans acquisition.

He noted the example of Hon. Tinubu in his speech that non-remittance of loan by beneficiaries is a clog in the wheel of development whereby the government only has 10% value from loans he gives out to eligible beneficiaries. And non-remittance of it will only lead to stifling development. In a scenario where 70 youths of a community benefit in a loan programme in over 57 local government of the states. The loans has to be paid back so more generations could gain from it.

He also mentioned the need for youths to access information through the Lagos state ministry of wealth creation. In a bid to make the youths more resourceful, productive and employable.
Comr. Sesan Diani.
Executive chairman Igbogbo Local Government in his remarks made mention of the need for the country to stop spending funds on one particular project, Narrating that in a country where we have BVN, National Id-card, driver licence etc. A synchronization system is the only factor needed to know the total population of Citizens in the country, In the data gathering process’ a valid address indicated and referees by each individual already gives the government existence of such individual in a state/country. Thereby in cases of making dividends of democracy reach him/her. It will reach directly without stress nor threat.

He also talked on NYSC as a youth programme meant for youths to explore other states understand their tribes, diversity, adventure, and more exposure for economic gains, rather than thinking Nysc is a business venture which it is not. He made his point further ahead on the need for youths to set goals, make priorities, own a mentor am set plans and road maps for their lives while growing up. Using his true life story as an example. That he had all his kids before 30 and he decided he’d stop right there. And while at it. His career was his major focus, from school unionism to the position he is today as a youthful executive chairman of igbogbo local government he is always ready to offer support, advice and mentorship to youths in a bid to make them better citizens of the society.

That together we can build a society that is standard on Harmony and peaceful with visible development
Meanwhile.. Hon. Motunrayo Alogba. The dynamic, young, intellectual and vibrant executive chairman of Ijede LCDA in her remarks was able to identify some notable youths from the audience whom gladly were Females that have choose agriculture as a career path’ and now owns a farm that is doing exceedingly well in her agriculture business. She further went on to engage the youths on unlimited opportunities that are endless in agriculture business’ from the fishery to poultry business and also other form of export in agriculture.

  • She also further re-enacted her commitment to the youth constituency stating that she had always being ready to assist the youths in areas she can offer various assistance reminding the youths of her active participation while she was studying at Lagos state university back then. While her undoubting spirit and the continuous effort to reach her goals and serve humanity earned her current position.
  • In her submission also, she nodded on the need to acquire leadership skills, managerial skills and preparing a visible and achievable positive mind-set which each youth need to own up’ In other to build a sustainable goals where the youths are further enlightened and forward thinkers in decision making for socio-economic reasons in the country.
  • However, she also spoke on the need for youths to get their permanent voters card in gearing up for elections. Because governance truly starts from the grassroots..

The convener Vice Chairman East Senatorial District Comr. Are Ajibola appreciates the presence of attendees and wish them a happy International Youth Day.

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