Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, Alhaji Taiwo Odumbo, Comrade Olalekan Biliaminu-Oba, Mr. Hassan Oluwakemi and others advocate for strategic placement of youths in order to take up responsibilities.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Forum of Coordinators in Ikorodu Division had set a new pace in the history of youth development in Ikorodu Division at the just concluded 3 Days Youth and Leadership Retreat organized for all the youth executives in different local branches across the division.

The year’s youth and leadership retreat started from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th March, 2021 held at Jubilee Chalet, Epe, Lagos with the theme: Youth Empowerment As Catalyst For Peace, Stability and National Development.

The Leadership retreat create an avenue for all the youth leaders and stakeholders in Ikorodu Division to learn, interact, explore new ideas via different social, educational and sporting activities that are geared towards learning, networking, impact making, among others.

The youth and leadership retreat programme is the first time ever in the division and Lagos State at large organized for NYCN executive and stakeholders in Ikorodu Division.

The three days event afforded the forum of Coordinators in Ikorodu Division which is the umbrella body for all youth organizations in the division and all the NYCN executive members to interact and proffer solutions to issues affecting youth development.

The Executive Chairman of Igbogbo Bayeku LCDA, Comrade Sesan Daini in his lecture at the event advocated for the need to continuously empowered youths through different initiative with a view to re-engineering their potentials and energies for peace and stability to reduce poverty, unemployment and criminality.

He said, “It is no longer news our youths are no longer the leaders of tomorrow but are the presents and future” he also speaks about some factors affecting youth and society influence, the needs for education and failure to educate a child will give birth to crises in the society.

He concluded by recommending that youth entrepreneurship programmes from secondary schools, the need for youth to drop there pride and key into available programmes, and be confident in order for them to make it through self employment, etc.

In the same vein, one of the founding member of NYCN in Ikorodu Division, Past Vice chairman, NYCN Lagos East Chapter and Principal, Lagos State University International School, Alhaji Taiwo Odumbo whose immense contributions cannot be over-emphasized lauded the impacts of the forum of coordinators in youths development in the division.

“Youths can do it more better and youth are the true leader of tomorrow but are the youth prepared to take up the leadership position? youth must be risk taker, educationally sound, never take chances of failure, plan for yourself, develop a skills that will go beyond political arena and always make use of opportunity close to you”.

According to the Vice chairman of Ikorodu Local Government, Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, she made it known that Nigeria is the best country and youth must strive to make a difference in all ways because we are all a blessings to our nation, we have no limit you and we are unstoppable.

Speaking at the event, the guest lecturer, Director General, iCare foundation and founder of Neighbour technologies, Mayor Deen Sanwoola engaged the youth representatives on the topic: “Becoming a Youthful and Useful Generation amidst decaying norms”

During his comprehensive delivery stated that team building is necessary instrument and good quality of a leader. To him, “You cannot be a leader without being a good follower and team building is a key esssential in leadership position”

He went further to state the necessity of team work. In his words: “It’s takes great leader to build a great team and the essence of this retreat is to learn team building and team bonding”.

He however opined that team work is what we do together in other to achieve the goal of the association and leadership is all about creating motivation, inspection and results.

“Everyone must do the job to achieve a great work and together we can achieved more. The highlighted qualities of a leader includes: a good listener, tolerance, always appreciative, loyalty, good strategic thinking, innovative, selflessness, emotional intelligence, resources management, communicate effectively and many more”.

Also, an animated visual video was displayed to all the participants towards learning the importance of team work and couple with a lesson using a disposable cup, rubber bands and ropes to arrange a pyramid.

Comrade Olalekan Biliaminu-Oba, State chairman, NYCN Lagos chapter in his remarks while delivering speech at the leadership retreat urged all the youths to be proactive and be ready to be an active player in nations building.

According to the NYCN State Chairman, Biliaminu-Oba, he said that Lagos State prosperity is now in the hand of youths and by 2030, Lagos is projecting a smart city.

Corrobating submissions of the guest speakers at the event was CEO, Suave Record, Mr. Hassan Oluwakemi, he went further to differentiate between need and want. He justify that most youths never know how to differentiate between what they need from what they want but it is evident from this event that NYCN Ikorodu Division had identified what the youths want in order to meet there needs and youths of Ikorodu division need to go back to the basis and think positive.

Among other notable dignitaries at the event includes: Comrade Agbaje Abdulhakeem, State secretary, NYCN Lagos Chapter, Comrade Don salami, Lagos East Cord of Cord and coordinator of Eredo local branch, Comrade Tayo Odesanya, etc.

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