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Capacity development and worthy character has been identified as th two major ingredients for a successful Law Enforcement career.
In the passing out admonition delivered to the graduating participants of the 22nd Batch of the Annual In-service Training of the Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute, Mr. Tajudeen Bakrin (DCP) said, the 21st Century Law Enforcement Officer must be worthy in learning and character.

He advised the Officers to always maintain the highest level of self dignity while in or out of uniform, as they are constantly under public scrutiny.

Tajudeen Bakrin, also said there is a tendency for other Agencies and persons to look down on the officers and men, but he advised that their legacies will determine how they are perceived over time.

The veteran Police Chief also mentioned the importance of community policing while tracing the advent of the concept to Burundi, where he alongside 11 other senior Officers from 12 different Nations worked with the United Nations to finetune the concept.

He admonished the officers to understand that their job is to provide services paid for by the tax payers and in a manner the tax payers expect noting that that is the basis of the Community policing concept. “The basic principle of community policing is the opportunity for the people to determine how they want to be policed”, he said.

He further admonished the officers to continue to develop themselves, stating that his present latitude was ensured by the opportunities he created through his personal development. “There are several opportunities out there, but only people who have the requisite qualifications and experience will be able to explore them,” he said.

In his short response, Prince Ifalade Oyekan thanked Mr. Bakrin for the visit and congratulated the participants for their successful completion of the training.

Prince Oyekan said, we will continue to evolve new methods, new technologies and new innovations to ensure that the Lagos Law Enforcement Officers are compliant with 21st century challenges and capacities to handle such challenges. Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has rebranded safety and security in Lagos State and with his mandate.

“LETI has been repositioned to deliver on this rebranded safety and security model”, Oyekan concluded.

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