Olumuyiwa Jimoh’s response on the allegations ~Ajasa-Info

The Governor, The Speaker, and Members of the 9th Assembly

It is imperative I clarify that the program I attended in Turkey was entirely different from the program for which the plenary deliberated upon today; Monday 12th October, 2020. The program I attended in Turkey was the Study Tour of Ministry of Transportation which held between 7th and 11th of August Month 2017I was NOT on the program for “the understudy of Turkish Parliamentarian System of Government and Presidential System of Government which was referred to at the plenary.

Therefore, the erroneous impressions by some Honorable Members that publication by Sahara Reporter was sent by my humble self and that I edited my name out of the document was malicious and calculated attempt to implicate to achieve predetermined objective.

It should therefore not be curious that I was removed from the WhatsApp platform of the 9th Assembly for no just cause in the earlier hours for this morning, base on assumptions.It then suggests there was deliberate plan to excommunicate me and prevent me from making clarifications on this unfounded allegation for which a disciplinary action was muted against me.

‘Time will Tell’

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