Lagos State Youth Parliament organizes Divisional Town Hall Meeting for Lagos Youths ~Ajasa-Info

The Lagos State Youth Parliament(LSYP) 4th Assembly’s Town Hall Meeting was held across the five divisions of Lagos during the second week in September. The days between 7th and 11th of September was shared amongst the divisions to have their meetings.

The Parliament being a programme overseen by Lagos State Government through the Ministry of Youth and Social Development(MYSD) serves as a platform for youths to identify challenges tackling youths of the state, thereby proferring implementable solutions and bringing youth leaders to take the helm for a greater Lagos.

However, abiding by the Government directives in containing the novel virus,attendance of the meeting was restricted to 50 participants at respective divisions and proper social distancing rules were observed.

With all divisions having exclusive issues, the opening meeting was held at Epe Division containing Ibeju-Lekki and Epe Local governments. At Epe, issues concerning Industrialisation in relations with employment of youth indigenes and residents of the division were discussed. Also, aquaculture as a landmark for youth employment and development was touched. Only to mention a few.

Ikeja deliberated about housing scheme for youths and students while in Badagry the need for optimization of the Agriculture Industry in the division was verily emphasised. One of the pressing problems of the Ikorodu division is the need for a healthy enviromental management structure as it can be utilized for economic development thus enabling healthier life for it’s constituents.

Some of the common issues discussed across the divisions were education, infrastructure and power developments in relations with Government projects and policies. Stating that these are key drivers affecting development, it was mentioned that they are also optimizers of youth employability and morality.

The speaker of the 4th Assembly Parliament, Rt. Honourable Abayomi Ogidan in an interview expressed exhilaration as this is the first of it’s kind since past assemblies, stating that there is the need to do better and advising that every division should embark on their community projects.

Advising the youth populace, Rt. Honourable Abayomi in his words said-“while we the youths are aggitating for ourselves, we also need to develop progressively and we should know that there are various opportunities in our enviroment waiting to be unlocked”.

At the last meeting which was held in Badagry Division, the activity of the Parliament was adjourned till their next sitting which is said to happen soon. Every attendants of the meeting left with high hopes expecting that the present administration will elevate the youths into stratosphere.

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