“Nigeria is a nation that is blessed flowing with milk and honey, all kinds of natural resources as favoured by the creator of the universe Himself(God), diverse cultures filled with highly intellectual and knowledgeable individuals across all ethnic groups. This is to mention a few among others. All these stated are verifiable proves traceable to history right from before the October 1st independence of 1960.”

“The great country populated with over 200million people according to the last population census of 2006 have got all she needs right from the inception especially in human capacity. Talking about governance and administration (politics), the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, SLA Akintola, Sir Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu Bello and many others cannot be ruled out; little wonder these men were able to agitate and gain the freedom that we all enjoy today as an independent entity.”

“In economics and finance coming to the modern day Nigeria, we had and still have Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and Professor Patrick Utomi and their counterparts, even the art world is not left out. No aware Nigeria born of the years before the 90s can forget the likes of Enenezer Obey, Sunny Okosun, King Sunny Ade, Sir Victor Nwaifo, Chief Dennnis Olisadebe, Oliver decoque and most all the controversial and legendary afro music maestro ‘FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI’ who spent all his life fighting for the human rights of the common man in Nigeria.”

“All these gifts outlined above are clear evidence that indeed, we have all we need as a people to make the best out of Nigeria. Now, the question we need to ask ourselves particularly the stakeholders in direct leadership across all levels and chambers of governance is ‘HOW DID WE GET HERE’? Without pretence or any gainsay, we all know as citizens of this great nation that a whole lot is wrong with the current working system in Nigeria ranging from political instability, pitiable economic condition, unimaginable security threats at different regions of these supposedly one big nation etc.”

“Nonetheless, certain factors are responsible for these challenges we face in the society today which are: Inutility of both natural/mineral resources, gone are those days of Awo when he used proceeds from agricultural produce to develop the western region (NTA Ibadan and cocoa house are existing proves) and the free education enjoyed by all in the then Nigeria western region. The entire nation have abandoned all the free gifts of nature in our land in form of natural mineral resources, even the overrated crude oil is not well exploited.”

“Also, the mismanagement of national funds by public office holders is no longer news; there’s never a complete week that pass by without news about embezzlement or money laundering of billions of naira and in foreign currencies. Yet, the majority of the citizens live abject penury. In fact, the situation of insecurity in the nation is so pathetic and unbearable.”

“I put it to the presidency and the executive members that curbing the situation is doable considering the technological advancement in the world today.
This tells why the Nigeria 61st independence day celebration was not celebrated in high spirit as it was obtainable in the late 70s,80s and 90s. These were the time you see students going out for match past and lots of goodies and provisions made available by the government at all level to make it memorable.”

“In this vain, instead of dwelling on the failures of the past; what’s expected of us, both the leaders and the led is for us to look back and trace our steps back to where we missed it as a nation. This is to implore all government officials to employ new system of leadership of adopting a true representative system of government and sincere equality in the allocation of resources amongst all ethnic groups in the country. Every ethnic majority or minority should have a fair share in governance and administration. Again, let’s unite as a people since the number and diversity in culture is the strength we enjoy as one big Nigeria.”

Finally on this note, to all public office holders at national, state and local levels, let’s endeavour to serve humanity in completeness of conscience and empower the grass-root government the more to really and care for the average and the vulnerable man in all communities of the nation as this is exactly what we preach and practise at ‘THE PAJ Movement, ably led by a socialist and humanitarian indeed ‘PRINCE ADEDOYIN JOKOTEX’. “

“On an ending note, creating awareness to all grass-root dwellers to be actively involved in the governance of their immediate society by using their voters’right and power to choose who governs them will also contribute in doing the magic in the subsequent elections.”

By: Adewale O. Adesanya
PAJ Movement Media Officer

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