Hon. Olateju Adeoye Appointed As Patron By Dynamic Youth Organization of Nigeria DYON ~Ajasa-Info

Honorable Olateju Oluwole Adeoye, due to his unwavering compassion and benevolence for the young ones, has been appointed as the patron of Dynamic Youth organization of Nigeria, popularly known as DYON. The organization whose main priority is to train and develop youths in good governance, apparently deemed it fit to designate him with this accolade because of his prominence and undying love for the youth in Ojokoro and the nation at large.

Representing the organization, Ojokoro Branch Chairman, Segun Emmanuel and a few of his members presented the award of promotion at the Honorable Teju’s work factory. They sincerely extended their profound gratitude to the Honorable for his great support for youth empowerment and development in Ojokoro.

In appreciation, Segun noted, “DYON noticed that Honorable Teju has been passionate about youth development, we have heard and seen what you have done sir, directly and indirectly. What DYON does is to spot people who are supporting the youth movement and this award is just a token of our appreciation to you sir”

Also, thanking DYON for the award, Hon. Teju expressed himself vividly, “this unprecedented gesture shows that every little thing we are doing is seen and noticed, of which DYON is encouraging us to do more. I want to assure you that we will definitely do more”. Moreso, he also stressed the reason why youth empowerment is pivotal at this era. Hon Teju further said, ” it is really uncalled for and so heart saddening, seeing youths or young adults who carry all their life responsibilities on one politician, they leave their respective houses for these politicians’ homes, eat, wander around.. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying political leaders should not be visited but the visiting that involves you neglecting your job is not something we should encourage.. I believe what DYON is doing, is what we should encourage”

The new patron however emphasized the need of executing a project that is sustainable, “training the youth is fine but I hope you know that giving them a little financial support can go far. There are differences between training people and empowering them. Training means you teach and no support to start their business while empowering means you create support to kick start the business”.

Hon. Teju however vowed that he will always support the organization in whatever ways he can in order to make the DYON project always sustainable. He also charged the leadership not to relent for there are a lot of projects to do as youths are concerned.

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