IBILE EKO SUMMIT 2021 ~Ajasa-Info


“We are happy to address you again on our pressing issues in the prevailing circumstances in Lagos state and matters arising therefrom.”

Please, do take some time to read this and see a need to be involved.

“We will not over-emphasize what these letters I.B.I.L.E. stand for in our evolution as Lagosians – Omo IBILE EKO. These letters are unique to us and tell a story of our heritage built centuries ago and still relevant till date. From the shores of Badagry and Epe going through Lagos, to Ikeja and Ikorodu, our good people and places form the IBILE EKO. Our heritage.
In the last few months, a group of us cutting across the five regions constituting IBILE EKO and around the world under the auspices of IBILE EKO SUMMIT have been interacting severally mainly through Zoom and WhatsApp to deliberate on our current affairs.”

“Our stated objectives are to bring our dreams for a better Lagos state to fruition. There is no doubt that the current situation in Lagos state requires a thorough reawakening of all IBILE EKO sons and daughters even for those who are now purportedly beneficiaries of the present arrangement in whatever capacity. We need to make Lagos work us especially the indigenes.
After several months of serious deliberations, we agreed on the need to organize a Summit which we tagged as “IBILE EKO SUMMIT 2021”.
The essence of the Summit is to draw the attention of the major stakeholders in Lagos State and those at the helms of affairs to the need for Socio-Cultural, Economic and Political Development of Lagos indigenes and the State.”

Theme: Strategic Planning of Socio-Cultural Development of Lagos: An Indigenous Perspective

“We highlighted Cultural Revival, Tourism, Education, Information and Communication Technology, Political Structure, Youth Empowerment, Infrastructural/Basic Amenities.”

“We are proposing late September or early October as the time to host the Summit.”

“We felt that as Omo IBILE EKO, we ought to have a better grasp of what brings us closest together than what should divide us. The Summit will be historic and we urge enthusiastic participation of all Omo Ibile Eko in all capacities.
We will come up later with suggestions in areas where each and every one of us will be most useful. More details will be forthcoming.”

“However, should you have an urge to contact us personally, you can reach some of us on WhatsApp as below:-
Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele ±2348028770551
Dr Rafiu Tunde Odunuga ±447944340501
Dr Henry Hunjo +2348032971644
Mr. Saheed Ottun ±12407074424
Mrs Olubunmi Agosu-Lewis ±2348023260638
Dr Agboola Kotun ±2348055372149
Comrade Olukotun Olayinka ±2347088087553
Dr Habeeb Sanni ±2348029088655
Alhaji Fatai Oshun ±14045147179
Olawale George ±2348039477550
Dr Owoyemi Elegbeye ±2348025253343.

Comments are also expected please.

We are at Your Service

Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele

Dr Tunde Rafiu Odunuga
General Secretary.

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