APC Congress: Party Faithfuls Laud Ikeja Ward F For Peaceful Congress ~Ajasa-Info

Accolades and encomiums have been showered on electorates on their display of orderliness, peaceful and crisis free All Progressives Congress, APC, Congress held in the ward.

The Ward Congress Committee Chairman of Ward B,G and F, Ikeja, Bar. Olawale Ajala was a representative of APC National Congress committee held Party Congress appreciated the large turnout of party faithfuls who came to exercise franchise.

During the exercise, party Election Committee chairman addressed APC members that the leadership have put together consensus candidates for the 27 positions, in which all the members were ratified with each candidate by signifying their presence when their names were mentioned.

In a case whereby a candidate contesting for the same position, having shown duly signed form and evident of payment to the bank, then there will be an election for such candidate.

The Election Committee Chairman of Ward F, Ikeja Hon. Wasiu Seidu also addressed the members for their conduct in the congress, the Chairman that was on the list prepared by the leaders for consensus Mr Olufemi David was called but he was not found but another aspirant contesting for the same position of chairmanship, Mr Ademayokun Adedigba scored the highest votes of 153 and he was declared the winner and return as the Chairman of Ward F having complied with the guidelines of the APC National Committee and the same process was adopted for the other 26 Positions.

The contest clearly shown that the majority win over the minority in the ward as every politics is local.

He also Congratulated all the newly elected Executives of Ward F, Ikeja.

Congress committee members of Ward F, Ikeja

Hon. Wasiu Seidu… Chairman

Alhaji Abass Abiodun-Bisimilahi, Member

Mrs Bose Ishola, Member.

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