….Awolowo is not among the richest but his name is forever in history because he served humanity, I’m in politics to serve humanity- SKO

Chairmanship Candidate of Ikorodu West LCDA and the Vice Chairmanship Candidate of All Progressives Congress APC Ikorodu West LCDA, media parley with media Organizations in Ikorodu Division, which they disclosed their plans for Ikorodu West LCDA when elected into office.

Hon. Sulaimon Kazeem Olanrewaju is the Chairmanship Candidate, while Hon. Aluko is the Vice Chairmanship Candidate, disclosed their plans for various sectors: Education, Infrastructural Development, Health, Youth Development, Sports, Market Upliftment and lots more.

Hon. SKO speaks on “Educational aspect” he laid emphasis on the population and arrangements of students which has been his main concern.

Without hesitating Hon Sulaimon gave a reasonable insight on the important of “communication” which in regard to him is a cogent element in promoting a positive and cordial relationship in government.

He left no stone unturned has he moved to answering the first question concerning student’s population and arrangements giving his own experience as an instant, According to him the problem we are having concerning education can only be quashed by monetary value,as the expansion of the school can only be made possible with availability of “fund”.

Questions concerning vocational skills and acquisition especially in the aspect of “swimming” was also asked ;this was in no way evaded by has he also diligently answered the question adequately.

Local government always have immunization program which normally comes up 6months interval in a year. There going to be a program for the old ones that they are going to benefit from

A lot of people living with HIV aids are usually shy to come out due to stigmatization and the fear of the fact that it is like a death sentence. Now, how would you approach such and how would you want them to know their status and how to check themselves?.

“That is let me say African mentality where we are scared to check our status health wise. We just going to sensitize them, just to advise them and do normal checkup. We have to let them know what that health is very important. Health is wealth. When we sensitize them, they will know that it is normal for you to know your health status. They’ll be able to do their checkups”

Do you have a program for that?
Yes of course, there is a program for that under health programs.

Hon. SKO response to revenue generation to the local government.
That is my field, that’s what I do for a living. I generate revenue for federal and state government and should be able to use my expertise to generate revenue for my local government.

“We will generate good money for our local government, I know what we are having today and we need to improve on that for better and mind you, we all are going to work to generate money. When I say all of us, I am not going to consult it out because I have people working with me. I very close to other politicians. There is a saying that we work together and eat together so we have to be on the field to go work. We all will work and benefit together”

“My message to the people of Ikorodu West LCDA is that they should come out en mass and vote. We have about 40,000 people that can vote. If we can have 30,000 votes that will send a message to federal government that we have more people that live in Lagos especially Ikorodu west. Voting is a powerful thing that determines our local government of today. If 40,000 people can come out and vote for APC in Ikorodu west it will be a very good thing”

“Concerning the relationship with my Vice and other Executives and Legislators “I promise my God and beg my brother (Aluko) to be patient with me, I promise that there will not be issues anong us we are bound to learn and learn and learn”

“There will never be rancor, we will manage ourselves very fine. What happened to the chairman and the legislators was caused by lack of transparency. If there is transparency, there will never be fight. If there is #100 and we all see that it is #100 there won’t be issues but certainly there will never be rancor”

“I’m not greedy and money is nothing to me, I don’t have money but money is not my problem I won’t oppress anybody because of money, My focus is to serve humanity, I am in politics because I want to serve humanity. I discover in life that those that have money does not llive long like those serving humanity. Awolowo is not among the richest but his name is forever in history because he served humanity, I’m in politics to serve humanity”

“There is no money in politics to me, all I want is to be in a position where I can affect humanity positively in life. SKO added”

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