CryptoVESTpowered by: DigAssets Concept

DigAssets Concept is registered company with Cooperate Affairs Commission. It’s a company with vast experience dealing in the following; Digital Assets, Finance Technology, AgroTech, Real Estate

CryptoVEST is a secured investment platform powered by DigAssets Concept. CryptoVEST is a 3 Months Contract based investment which pays 40% ROI on any of our packages chosen by investors.

CryptoVEST investment duration packages is just 3 Months

Investors get 40% ROI for 3 consecutive months on any of our packages. At the last month of investment, investors will be paid back with their Capital alongside with third month ROI.

Referral Bonus :
For every referral made, you will be entitled to 30% of the investment within the duration of the contract. This referral bonus is not active on our BRONZE PACKAGE

Below is what we do in CryptoVEST ;

We trade on Digital Currency (Crypto currency)

With our vast experience and knowledge in profitable Trading, we hereby put this idea to the public in order to enhance investors financial situation

In CryptoVEST, we invest your capital in our Trading activities

CryptoVEST Packages

All our packages duration is 3 months. Investors can resubscribe to any of our packages once the ongoing package expired

Capital: $50
ROI: $20

Capital: $100
ROI: $40

Capital: $200
ROI: $80

Capital: $500
ROI: $200

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