The former Lawmaker at the Lagos State House of Assembly Hon Segun Olulade has called on the rebirth of a new Nigeria premised on justice, fairness and one devoid of ethno-religious colorations.

Olulade opined that in spite of the increase in the spate of self-determination agitations across the country, apparently blamed on persistent leadership deficits, it is never too late to birth a new nation that gives hope to Nigerians, anchored on the legacy of the winner of the brutally annulled June 12the 1993 presidential elections, Late Bashorun MKO Abiola of blessed memory.

According to Hon Olulade, the June annulment sent Nigeria back to a starting point of democratic aspirations. “The beginning was even far better than what we have at the moment; we seem not to have anything we can greatly proud of in real sense of development using the global development indices”, Olulade said.

Olulade further said that Nigeria is ethnically divided until 1914 amalgamation, but we have found strength in a united Nigeria until leaders stopped believing in our collective interests at the instance of their personal interests and insatiable desires to amass wealth without recourse to the progress of their country.

The erudite lawmaker said those who have sponsored one form of terrorism or the other for the purpose of amassing wealth or power will eventually have to cope with regretful exit without seeing the glory of a nation they have hurt too well.

Finally, he called on the masses not to give up on a Nigeria that everyone can be proud of. “It is our nation; we must fight for its soul. The greatest honour we can do to late MKO Abiola is to rebirth a nation of his dream which he died struggling for”.

Hon Segun Olulade is a former Lawmaker at the Lagos State House of Assembly and President/Founder of Eleniyancares Foundation

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