As Nigerians within and abroad mark democracy day on June 12 2021, Aarebirin Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba urged citizens across Nigeria, Lagos state and Ikorodu to live in peace and harmony with hope for better progress in governance.

The Vice-Chairman of Ikorodu local government in her statement to the press charged Nigerians to use the day as a reflection on the Labour of the Nation’s past leaders, advising everyone to ensure peace and tranquillity becomes the order of the day going forward.

According to the National Coordinator Yoruba Women Council Worldwide “Nigeria as a country, We have been though a lot over the years, But the strength we fetch from our diversity has kept us strong and squarely focused on the inner greatness we feel” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

“God has made us unique and different for a reason, We’re able to stand out with our quality gifts, skills and talents wherever we migrate to in any part of the globe. Our prospects are higher and our values are felt by the International bodies in full force, because we’re indeed a force to be reckoned with”

“June 12th was made historical by our late great leader, Chief MKO Abiola. Till this day, His legacy lives through June 12, Which also signifies our federal republic nation as a Democratic Landmark for unity and faith, peace and progress”

“As we reminisce the strides of our past leaders, which gave birth to our democracy, tomorrow will beget our children remembering ours to propelling the greatness of this giant nation. So the question is, what will our children remember about us that will engender their motivation and courage to add up their quarter of support to the growth of Nigeria when our time is up and when their time comes?”

“We go through each passing day, knowing that Nigeria is always a step closer to its destined greatness, fulfilment, accomplishments and ideal destiny, culminating with the God-given natural resources that have sustained us through the ages”

“This is why as Nigerians (on a day like this) we must avoid every form of negativity that will only hinder the growth and development of our beloved nation. We must abstain from forces that only yield destruction and collapse of what has been built already to strengthen the economic fabric of this country”

“Let us (in projecting absolute peace and prosperity) take responsibilities as youths to be the first-line protector of our communities, institutions, religion, families and resources. Let’s not be used as a catalyst to propagate divide, hate or chaos by any means”

“We have no order place to go to, Nigeria is our only home and will always be as God is in heaven, so we must stay united as we press forward to seeing Nigeria of our dream come to reality”

“Our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters should continue living up to every expectation as we work together to create a better Nigeria, We must love, cherish and respect our dear country for the world to value our admirable status at all times”

“Indeed we are blessed, I am calling on all Nigerians today to celebrate Nigeria’s Democracy and not cause any form of animosity, because in that celebration lies our glorification, and our glorification brings our blessings more. Happy Democracy Day to us all” Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba added

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