The national leadership of the National Union of Lagos State Students (NULASS), led by Nulassite Akinola Shasanya has distance the union from the purported nation wide protest to hold on June 12.

The statement was issued and signed by Akinola Shasanya and Adam Edu, the NULASS National President and Secretary General to the press, on Friday, June 11th in Lagos, Nigeria.

Recall that the NULASS national leadership earlier supports the nation wide protest on insecurity by responsible Nigerian youths and activist but later discovered that the protest might be hijacked by hoodlums, touts and political thugs.

A lot of Lagos indiegenous students under our watch have fall victim of insecurity and kidnapping across the nation.

We can’t continue to watch our fellow students not feeling secured in the nation we call our father land due to the high level of insecurity among Lagos students schooling across the federation.

However, after so many calls and appeal from different groups and high profile activist across the Federation, the union leadership has decided not to engage in any unwelcomed protest that will disrupt the activities of the Federation and be at the detriment of the lives of it’s members but the union won’t fail to be a part, if the lives and properties of Lagos State Students schooling across the Federation is not being protected and secured.

The basic responsibility of the government is to protect the Life and properties of it citizens as stated in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.

The NULASS national leadership as a means of solidarity hereby call on all Lagos students schooling across the Federation and local chapters to be rest assured that the National body will continue to fight for the interest of Lagos State Students.

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