In the past few weeks, we had been saddled with the enormous responsibility of choosing flagbearers of our great party for the forthcoming Local Government Elections in the state. It was daunting tasks for a lot of us owing to the caliber and our intrinsic relationships with contending aspirants and the need to choose one over the other had been very understandably unsettling for us but the job must be done, either way. If this party primary has thought us one lesson, it is that our Local Council and our party has so many eminently qualified aspirants jostling to become flagbearers of our party, we are indeed blessed to have this lot showing interest in our party politics. None of the aspirants was a pushover; we’re bigger and better than we thought.

While selected few have emerged flagbearers of our great party, the party’s flag is big enough for all of us to carry together to face the elections head-on, win the elections to usher in more develop to our Local Council, record more successes and create remarkable history together. It is in the light of the above that I want to specially thank the Apex Leaders of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA and Ikorodu Division, all bridge builders, wall menders that worked tirelessly to make resolution a possibility and more specifically for the renewed trust reposed in me as the Chairmanship Candidate of our great party for a second time. Your compromising and reconciliatory efforts have paid off and our LCDA, Ikorodu Division and Lagos State will be better for it.

Remember, we are better today than when we started four years ago and I want to enjoin you to continue to work together with us as an indivisible entity with great opportunity to win the forthcoming election and further develop our LCDA better than today in months to come. I, for one, subscribe to the school of thought that politics ends where governance starts, and today, I am back to do the work you have elected me to do as your servant leader with renewed vigour. We will continue to deliver on the mandate while we further reconcile the aggrieved, mend the walls, rebuild bridges and mobilize the electorates to vote for us in the election proper. We are indeed an undefeatable team with unity of purpose. No victor, no vanquished! Thank you and God bless you!

Bldr. Olusesan M. Daini

The ExecutiveChairman Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA

7th June, 2021.

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