Hon. Sanusi Eulogies and Congratulates 23 year Old Ezeonu For Emerging the Winner of Council Run off Election in Texas ~Ajasa-Info

23-Year-old progressive Junior Ezeonu, who came to the United States at age two, represents District 8 at the city council in Grand Prairie, Texas. Junior graduated less than a month ago from the University of Texas with a degree in Political Science.

“We are proud of Junior as he is making Nigerians and Nigeria proud.
We implore other young Nigerians in Diaspora to emulate Junior as America is indeed a land of opportunity.
A country where talents are encouraged and supported, a working system where you don’t have to be connected or highly connected before allowed to fulfill Destiny. A country where the desire of the people is not subverted for whatever reasons but protected and respected.” Hon. Lanre Sanusi stated

“Junior is the first African American ever elected to the city council in grand prairie, texas.
He is also the first black man born outside the United States ever elected to the city council in grand prairie. The last time we had a black American elected at the city council in the grand prairie was 40years ago.”

According to Hon. Lanre Sanusi ” I was elated when I see the results our efforts are not in vein, this is a plus for Nigeria as a country, they are lots of Nigerians that are doing well in Diaspora, this is just the beginning of greater things that are coming the way of Nigerians in Diaspora.”

The Politician implore Nigeria Government to give necessary Support to Nigerians in Diaspora, in order for them to continue to make Nigeria proud in all ramifications, not just politically.

“I’m using this medium to Congratulate my friend, Son, and neighbor I wish him best of luck in office and in the nearest future, this is just a start-up for him this is equivalent to a Councillor in Nigeria” Hon. Olanrewaju Sanusi added.

“I firmly believe the sky is the beginning for this young star, and this is the smallest he will ever be.”

In conclusion Nigeria political parties should endeavor to give young people the platform to leverage on in their various political parties, they should also allow them hold key positions in the party this will give them the experience to forge ahead in their political career, Nigeria Political parties should learn from the scenario of Ezeonu Junior.

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