By Hon. Temitope Adewale

History has been made both in Ifako-Ijaiye and Lagos State entirely. In history, never have we conducted elections that won’t result in bloodshed and loss of life but for the first time; NO lives were lost, NO properties were damaged and most importantly the great people of Ifako-Ijaiye were allowed to vote and choose their candidates.

Our chairmanship candidate emerged as well as 7 Councillors without a single loss of life and/or properties.

I want to use this medium to congratulate you all being my greatest asset; the ever-resourceful, outstanding, intelligent, hardworking and courageous people of Ifako-Ijaiye.

You charted a new journey towards greatness on Saturday 29th May, 2021 and without your steadfast support, our party candidate would have remained an aspirant.

To my dearest Leaders and Stakeholders in the Local Government, you have made your position clear, you have separated and distinguished yourselves from the lying, betraying, treacherous, Selfish, and self-centered “politricians” and self acclaimed leaders.

You have indeed put the interest of the people and the development of our local government as your priority. You took the risk against all odds and stood your ground against those who have nothing but selfish agendas to continue to distort the peace and growth of our beloved community.
May History favor you as we will never forget you.

Our Royal fathers and Baales, your decision to support us came from a vantage point while communicating to us your community needs and you have also given us a reason to always rely on and believe in you.

To my most pleasant, resourceful, and outstanding Vice Chairman and Incoming Chairman Hon. Prince Usman Akanbi Hamzat; I warmly congratulate you, your resilience and patience all through your tenure as the Vice Chairman of our local government have yielded you a space in the heart of our people and today you are reaping the benefits.

On behalf of the entire local Government, I congratulate you once again my dearest brother.

You have come at a time that our local government is bestowed with humongous debts, infrastructural decay, social and environmental/developmental deficits. We the people have chosen you because we believe in you, please do not let us down. We have clamored for youthful representation and now we have gotten it and we are sure you will deliver!

Let me state here clearly that should you go against the wish of the people and their expectations in terms of structural development, basic amenities, staff and peoples welfare, provision of drainages, good and motorable roads, improved healthcare services, upgrade of our primary healthcare systems and our basic needs; I would be the first to call you out and express the people’s displeasure.

To our 7 Councillors, especially those of you returning for your second term, make your experience count. You have been given another opportunity to serve the people of your Ward, do not take this for granted. The legislative house shall continue to be the basis and the back bone of democracy and so I implore you to uphold the constitution to the best of your abilities.

To our outgoing councillors, it has been a journey, for what has a beginning must have an end. Do not see this as the end of the road but know that history has written your name in Gold. You stood your groundnds! Now is the time for you to right all wrongs and set a long-lasting record of performance. You have indeed done your best and I pray the almighty continue to be with you as you onward to the next phase of your life.

To our beloved CDC and CDA’s you have shown that the community will continue to be the backbone of Local Government governance. You have set a record and I am more than proud of you. You chose your aspirant and you worked tirelessly to ensure his Victory. Pastor Samuel Opajobi we say thank you.

To the CAN and Muslim Community, your love, prayers and the hard efforts you put in this shall not be in vain. Your prayers and words of wisdom brought us this far and we say thank you.

MY YOUTHS!!!… MY YOUTHS!!!… You asked for it and now you have gotten it. When we build the youths we build the Nation. You stood against oppression and intimidation, you stood against selfish, self cente, red and ungrateful leaders, and stood your grounds. This Victory is Ours!!!

We thank all our market women and men, LASCOTA, NATA, NURTW and all other associations.

To all our aspirants who stepped down and put first the Party and the development of our Local Government, we thank you. Now the work begins we must continue to consolidate on our gains and start the reconciliation process.

Our party is one and indivisible, we will continue to clamor for unity, love, and peace.

God bless APC.
God bless Ifako-Ijaye..
God bless Lagos State…

Hon. TemiTope Adewale
Member, LSHA Ifako Ijaiye 01

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