Yesterday, 29th May, 2021 was a bright day which the APC party chose as the day to chose the candidates that will represent the party at the coming council elections which is slated for 24th July, 2021. Party FAITHFULS across the six wards in ojodu LCDA had gathered to choose their preferred candidate and they came out in their numbers early enough to ensure that they elect who will represent them at the polls come July 24.

As early as 7am, a lot of party members had besieged the OJODU GRAMMAR SCHOOL field to exercise their rights by voting for their choice candidates and were expecting the electoral officers from the state to come and conduct the primary election. The Team Faleke organised tents and chairs for their teeming members to make them comfortable as they wait to cast their votes while other factions were also in their corners different from the Team Faleke. There was calm and normalcy as we all wait for the electoral officers to come.

At about past 9 or so, the sitting chairman of the OJODU LCDA drove in to the premises of the OJODU GRAMMAR SCHOOL and came down briefly from his bus and when he saw the teeming members of the Team Faleke that were easily identified with the way they were organised and sat under the canopy with the overflow also, the chairman was heard saying there will be no election today and he entered his bus and zoomed off. People waited till past 12 before the electoral officers came but we heard from a very reliable source that the electoral officers were taken into the council Secretariat (not lga secretariat) which is unconstitutional and we’re delayed by the council chairman for hours before he released them.

The council chairman, Engr. Oloro also used his powers to manipulate the voters register thereby taking the register of Ward B to ward B and then another register was taking to ward D which made it difficult for voters to exercise their rights which later to disruption of votes in those wards.

As regards ward F, when the electoral officers arrived at the venue at about past 12 noon, what they did was to first of all address the crowd and asked them to cooperate in terms of lining up. They went further to announce the names of councillorship aspirants which were Hon. OLUMIDE AKINADE Amos and Afolake Adams, that was when the trouble started. An aspirant which has been disqualified by the screening committee whose name is Laide Adebowale and his few supporters began to forment trouble chanting we no go gree and other ‘war’ songs. The electoral officers tried their best to calm the nerves of the few supporters of Laide but all to no avail.

This was where the MHR, IKEJA FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY, RT. HON. James ABIODUN FALEKE came in to intervene in the matter of the aspirant. Ward F is Hon. Falekes’ ward and that’s where he usually exercise his voting rights. He asked Laide Adebowale to produce the evidence that he was cleared by the screening committee, Laide brought out his phone and was trying to show him on his phone, it was at that point that supporters of Laide and Rasheed Aro started chanting and insulting the MHR just because he was trying to make peace between Laide and the electoral officers. It was later agreed by the electoral officers that Laides name will be included in the list but he insisted that they have to go back to the party Secretariat and bring the original document where his name was.

The Rasheed Aros’ faction who were also in the minority and did not want the election to hold connived with other minority faction to disrupt the whole election process and the electoral officers who were about to be mobbed by this group had to hurriedly leave the scene to avoid any form of lynching.

Hon. Faleke peacefully left the canopy while it was getting tensed and had to go and sit down somewhere in the premises while the electoral left with their materials.
The Team Faleke teeming members in ward F then write their names down in their attendance sheet and was at the venue till Hon. Faleke left.

Yesterdays’ event at ward F was a clear signal that he who is on the ground fears no fall, the other faction saw it clearly that there’s an impending loss and the only they thought they could prevent that was to connive and disrupt the process. We have in our kitty evidences of the large numbers of people who were ready to cast their votes for the most popular candidate; ALHAJA KAFAYAT FUNMILAYO LAYENI (KFL) and the margin would have been very huge.

We are rest assured that the party at the top will investigate this and ensure that justice is done. Team Faleke members in ward F are also rest assured that our mandate that we were ready to give to KFL shall not be robbed from us. Let’s all keep all hopes alive as victory is sure.

God bless us all.

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