By: Faidah Oyeleye

Honourable Wasiu Adesina is the Executive Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government. A convivial gentleman, a silent achiever and a man of the people. Wadesh as he is fondly called is a man after the heart of so many Ikorodu residents because he says what he will do and he does whatever he says. A trait that is alien to most politician in this part of the world.

Honourable Adesina became the Executive Chairman, Ikorodu Local government in 2017 and has since assumption of office dedicated himself to the service of the good people of Ikorodu Local government area. As a local government Chairman just wounding down his first term in office, I strongly believe he has done creditably well to deserve another term. His achievements in office, community relations and accessibility should earn him another term unopposed but because we are in a democratic system and Honorable Adesina himself is a proponent of the rule of law, it is allowed for other people to aspire for his job because he has made it enviable. Here are five reasons why Honorable Wasiu Adesina deserves another term as the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government.

1. Honourable Adesina loves his people unconditionally– It is an undisputable fact the Wadesh loves his people. He is the only Executive Chairman in Ikorodu division and may be one of the very few in Lagos state that does not have a personal assistant to pick their calls. He picks his calls himself and when he misses your call, it must have been because he is busy. I want to believe most residents would agree with me on this unique and rare quality of Wadesh which only a politician who is indeed very concerned and dedicated to the people who elected him would possess.

2. Honourable Wasiu Adesina has performed creditably well to deserve another term– Honourable Adesina would probably go unnoticed because he is not a very noisy personality. He believes his works would speak for him and as such does not go about making noise of what he has done like other local government chairmen who makes noise over every baby step they take. It is on record and verifiable that Wadesh constructed more than 20 roads in Ikorodu division. If you are in doubt visit the information office of the Ikorodu local government to clear your doubts or ask the people of Sholafun-Anibaba where he interlocked the whole stretch of their roads for longevity, ask the people of Isikalu street, ask the people of Molupa street etc. As if that is not enough, he has restored the pride of the sons and daughters of Ikorodu by embarking on a massive renovation/beautification of the gigantic multiple buildings of our common heritage, Ikorodu Local government. You would be super proud of him when next you visit the once dilapidated, pitiful and shabby looking seat of government in Ikorodu. A resounding round of applause for him please.

3. Honourable Wasiu Adesina is well read– Wadesh had his primary and secondary education at Ijomu Primary School and Oriwu College respectively. He holds a diploma certificate in Community Development and Adult education before he joined the Lagos state University for his first degree in Political science and his Masters degree in Public Administration with specialization in Human resources Management. Wadesh is a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management and the Institute of Public Administration of Nigeria.

4. He was a former International Consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and other International agencies on strategies and issues – Not too many people know that Wadesh was a former consultant to the United Nations before he ventured into politics. He was involved in the development of the Bauchi State Economic Empowerment Development Strategies (BASEEDS) and other UNDP programmes on Youth development in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria which includes Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa state.

5. Wadesh Is An Experienced Administrator– Apart from being born and bred from a notable family in Ikorodu, he has been through every requisite training which has prepared him for enviable positions. He joined the Civil service in 1983 and worked in the Ministry of Local government and Community development. He ventured into politics in 1989 under the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and he became a Supervisory Councillor in Ikorodu Local Government as far back as 1991. He has since 1991 been contributing in no small measure to the development and growth of Ikorodu Local government. He lived in Ikorodu all his life and paid his dues fully through dint of hard work, focus and consistency to assume the position of an Executive Chairman. Honourable Wasiu Adesina is passionate about Ikorodu, experienced and delivering on the mandate given to him to lead Ikorodu Local government. No one changes a winning team. This write up has only outlined his achievement in the areas of roads and a few infrastructures which is a disservice to the enormity of work done. Please take a quick look at other firsts scored by the avant-garde Chairman, Honourable Wasiu Adesina in the last three and half years.

1. The only Chairman in Ikorodu division paying bursary awards to students annually in Ikorodu division.

2. Empowered more than 1000 members of the community with free interest loans and purchase of mini bus purchase to support members of the community.

3. Construction of blocks of classroom and distribution of textbooks for students of public schools in Ikorodu.

4. Provision of Boreholes for critical areas in Ikorodu division.

5. Provision of Patrol vans to improve security amongst other capital projects embarked upon despite paucity of funds, Covid19 etc.

This is a passionate appeal to well-meaning Ikorodu residents to support Honourable Wasiu Adesina (WADESH) to continue the good work he is doing. He is listening, passionate and ready to do more if given the opportunity.

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