The recent heat generated from all quarters and associated with the build up to the 2021 Local Government Elections in Lagos State isn’t unexpected especially  in a conscious and sane society, healthy competitions between equally competent individuals who do not want to be seen as mere critics of the system but solution providers should be encouraged.

De.Vanguard however understands that the leading political parties are at the critical stage of selecting the flag-bearers to represent them at the general elections and as such we wish both parties a successful selection process,we also urge that the interest of the general populace of the Local Government be a primary objective in whatever style  and modality they decide to adopt.

Again, we commend members of De.Vanguard vying for various positions in the Local Government elections, there is absolutely no nobler motive for contesting election than the decision not to be ruled by wicked men, the bold step you have taken qualifies you as a winner even before the conduct of the primary elections.
We therefore wish you all a successful outing at the end of the poll.

As part of the ideals De.Vanguard consistently preaches, civility is never just another political gimmick neither is it an unnecessary bow to primordial sentiments, it is the determined choice of trust over cynicism and a  united society over chaos and anarchy, we therefore urge all members to imbibe the highest form of civility in the primary elections and beyond, be good ambassadors of the group, exemplify good manners, behavior and never neglect the spirit of participatory democracy.
This is the best way to grow individually and move ahead to improve the society.

Importantly, the would-be winners at the end of the exercise should understand that their  election isn’t based on their individual strength alone neither does it proclaim them the best among the rest as such it is very pertinent to be magnanimous in victory, carry all along because a concerted effort will certainly have greater impact than an action executed in isolation.

Lastly,the second category of winners who may not have been handed the opportunity to represent their parties at this moment, a better time looms however it is important that opportunity should be met with preparedness for success to be inevitable.
It is also important that the strength,energy and creativity deployed during the campaigns be redirected to support the government in power for the collective achievement of the ultimate aim viz good governance and dividends of democracy.

Nothing is more impressive than seeing our society expand and grow in leaps and bounds, with you all the hope is reignited and so we remain overly proud of you for the bold step taken.

In the end, the victory isn’t just in the success of the elections but the realization that our society is on the right path, we await the glorious celebration.

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