The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Ifako Ijaiye local government, hosted the Community Dialogue at the NRC building on Saturday the 22nd of May, to ask both Chairmanship and Councillorship Aspirants about their plans for the community and youths especially if elected into office.

Representatives of local societies, organizations, religious bodies and more progress oriented groups participated in the explosive community dialogue with prominent personalities including Hon. Kamoru Sunmonu, Hon. Atinuke Wuraola Owolabi, Hon. David Olusesi, Hon. Abisola Olukemi Fadayomi and Hon. Usman Hamzat Akanbi to mention a few personalities seeking to represent the grassroots during the next general elections.

Everyone had interesting things to say, like the political businessman Hon Kamoru Sunmonu, who has been a business entrepreneur for the past 23 years, while working with CBN research department and council spokesman, at the same time working on his own since time immemorial. He briefly spoke about his journey through the grassroots “because what we are talking about is political office, which involves management of people and intelligent human beings. It is not easy to be in an office politically because of so many factors involved. I have worked across many seasons, and everytime we have worked together, so I know where it pinches and pains society and the community. My view politically is I can manage the local government office successfully”

Another viable candidate was in person of Hon. Owolabi Wuraola Atinuke who in her own words has lived with the people and felt their struggles- having built an old people’s home and running successful businesses. She suggested an investment committee among other social welfare.
“First thing to do is set up a committee that will work on youth investment trust fund and connect with youths on how to plan for their needs. Also setting up a program for the aged and widows to see how we can help them. Calling likeminds to work together are things I consider we do first.”

According to the data driven Hon. Usman Akanbi Hamzat, whose policies come off as futuristic and blue chip inclined. He spoke passionately on what motivated his aspiration noting how, “if you’re not part of the system, you can never be a part of those to make impact. What motivated this inspiration is the importance to be part of those who will make decisions to make things work for the youth and the general populace. It is a passion to serve,”

Adorable female trailblazer Hon. Abisola Fadayomi, cited Ifako Ijaiye youths as being among the most intelligent across the state and intends to maximize her relationship with the state governor and commissioner by virtue of being a first female councilor. ” I’ve been opportuned to meet a lot of people in the state, starting from the governor, down to the commissioner for health, being a woman with an open heart. Setting up a trust fund for the youth to develop their talents and creativity. Together we can train the youths to be owners of businesses, without having to work for anybody. Let the youths stand on their own.” She added.

“I’m qualified based on my experience, and since I’ve been in office, I was never found wanting. If the best supervisor in this local government isnt given to me, I’ll give it to myself” eulogizing his pedigree of association with past Councilors and Excos, Honorable David Olusesi partly engaging his Yoruba dialect to showcase his relatability and versatility explains how if he had more power vested in him, “the youths of the community will definitely enjoy, not only in this local government but all the way to the state”

The program was moderated and anchored by Comr. Adeyemo Akeem. (AK Passion) and the personalities were adjudged by a panelist consisting of NYCN members, notably coordinated by Victor K. Adogbajale and his team of excos consisting of Alao Michael (Deputy Coordinator) Omisore Ayosola David (P.R.O), Naador Esther Kelechi (Internal Auditor)

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