Lagos State University (LASU) witnessed “AWORI DAY”, a first of its kind cultural program organized by indigenous student’s under the aegis of ‘Federation of Ikeja Division Sudent (FIKES)’ in LASU.
Federation of Ikeja Division Student (FIKES) Lasu chapter Organized Awori Day Theme: The reign of His Royal Majesty Oba Alade Topic: Historical Tale of Ogunfunminire Progenitor of Awori, the event was full of history.
The landmark program tagged ‘The Reign of His Royal Majesty, OBA ALADE’ has the rank and files of Ikeja Division of Lagos State present.

In his speech, the guest speaker of the event, Prince Oladega Ibrahim, discussed the history and cultural relevance of the Aworis.

“All protocol well reserved, kitigbe ooo?
On the l7 th of June 2021 by God grace. the Awori welfare association of Nigeria(AWAN) wil be hosting numerous Sons & Daughters of the Awori race at Sheraton hotel to raise funds for
the Lasu project as one of our academic footprints in our state.”

“The Awori as a race and one of the direct lineagae of Oduduwa who had moved from Ile- Ife to their current settlement in Lagos and Ogun state through the Ogun river Odogun in the current Agboyi Ketu LCDA in Kosofe. The people of Ikeja division had always demonstrated highly sense of commitment and loyalty to the service of their father land and their immediate origin.”

“Without political participation
development might not be possible so I
will advised you belong to a political
party, participate in your community
development and continue to enlarge
your economical coast as every
positive movement required funding.
I want to strongly charge you all to be
proud of your origin and continue to
megaphone the history of Aworis as
the owner of Lagos and to tell the
world that Olofin is the head of

“We also want to appeal to King makers in ikeja to speed up the process of the selection of the new Akeja of Ikeja who is the Permanent Vice Chairman in the Lagos state Council of Obas and the Chairman Council of Obas in Ikeja Division, that the vacuum of the throne is responsible for the short change of the Aworis in all ramifications.”

“I once again appeal to all Sons and Daughters of Ikeja to rise up beyond legal situations and produce the father figure of the Aworis in the council of Obas, as the throne of Akeja is long overdue infact it’s a shame that despite
our family bound, the Aworis still has
several chieftancy litigation than any
other division in Lagos and yet we
claimed we are (okan so).”

“On the final note I want to urge us all
to continue to strengthen our political
tentacles even beyond our division as
networking is the sole of politics. The
Soro Soke generation can do more
through the social media that’s in the
area of political appointment, the
Aworis have been a marginalized and

I will not end this message without giving kudos to the governor of Lagos state Mr. Babajde Sanwo-Olu for his roles in the leadership process of the VC of LASU, we urged His Excellency to speed up on the report submitted for the purpose appointing qualified and appropriate VC that will move LASU to number 1 position on in Nigeria. Igbega ipinle Eko ajose wa ni.”

Prince ladega also urge Awori youths to join politics and continue to support Sanwo-Olu administration.

In her remarks, the 6th President of FIKES-LASU, Com. Habeedah Balogun stated the aim of the program as a way of keeping the Awori youths abreast of their origins while they learn from history, and to revive the lost values of our founding fathers.

The royal fathers of the day, Oba Monsuru Abímbólá – Olu of Agboyi Land ably represented among other Oba’s – Oba Gbadebo Abdulazeez Gbadamosi Of Ìgandò Land and Oba Jimoh Hammed Orelope Laka who were also awarded as the royal fathers of the division, commended the organizers of the event.

The FIKES-LASU Awori day also featured other snippets like ‘Oriki Orile & Ewi Igbalode’, ‘Omo Olofin Quiz’, Award presentation, Cultural Presentations and Inauguration of new executives of the association.

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