“Do Not Be Distracted By Their Campaign Of Calumny, Blackmail And Propaganda, Lets Continue To Be Law-abiding Peaceful And Display High Level Of Maturity/Sportsmanship”~ PA TOKUNBO KAYODE, YAJCO DG. ~Ajasa-Info

-Enjoins Supporters, Fans, Apologists And Party Faithfuls Not To Be Provoked.

-Calls On Security Operatives To Beam Searchlight And Fish Out Propagandists, Blackmailers And Purveyors Of Fake News

The Director-General of Yisa Abiola Jubril, Mr Tokunbo Kayode in response to the newly adopted campaign of calumny by one of the desperate aspirants and his team who has constantly blackmailed the Masses Choice at all gatherings has called on party faithfuls and supporters not be distracted or provoked by the futile attempt to disrate the soaring popularity and acceptability of the leading aspirant and team.

He said, this is not different from the same way the award winning liars came out of the peace meeting which the reverred monarch of Iba Kingdom, HRM (Dr.) Sulaimon Adeshina Raji-Ashade, Oniba of Iba had with all aspirants to lie to the public that he has been anointed or chosen by the king.

“Making a mountain out of molehill is undoubtedly a gimmick of the failures”. It was reported that one Omole Femi who claimed to be the DG of a certain aspirant attempted to prevent Comr. Tijani Shamsideen (Asiwaju of Mebamu) and Ganiu Isa (those in charge of placement of Abila posters) at the BOSKOH Badagry Division office campaign office, Iyana-Isashi, claiming the party rented office as the secretariat of his candidate. This attempt to turn party property into private ownership culminated into minor argument but the both Ganiu Isa and Olagunju Ismail who were involved in the argument are son and resident of Mebamu town, have moved beyond the minor argument and were seen together at YAJCO Ward C visitation on Thursday 20th May 2021 @ Ajangbadi Afromedia town hall gisting, playing and merrying.

It is also important to clarify and state that the reported case at Alabarago has nothing to do with either our Aspirant or Campaign as we only heard that the already aspirant had notify the SSS, though erroneously alleging our team. Forgetting that the public is aware of the crises at Alabarago even before the commencement of campaign, this is the major reason why the Yisa Abiola Jubril Campaign Organization have adopted another pattern of campaigning to the Hausas by constantly inviting them outside the market so as not to fuel the crises in the market. It is not only surprising and jaw-dropping that the same inexperienced DG who took campaign to a crises-ridden area is now accusing innocent people instead of towing the path of honour by taking responsibility for his failures and haphazard decision. He calls on the security operatives to beam their searchlight and fish out propagandists, blackmailers and purveyors of fake news,, saying they are threat to peaceful elections and coexistence.

The Yisa Abiola Jubril Campaign Organization are law-abiding and will continue to uphold peace as advised by our respected Royal Father in Iba LCDA.


© YAJCO 2021 Media

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