……….Depict That His Aspiration Transcends Caucus Or Group’s But Hinged On The Choice Of The Majority…….

……………Singled Him Out For His Experience As A Former Legislator, Executive And As A Thourough Bred Party Man…………..

………………Enjoin Party Faithfuls To Discard The Divisive Trick Of Labelling A Non-Member Of The Groups As Justice Group Endorsed Aspirant……….

The popularity and acceptability of the candidature of Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril (Abila) as the flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Iba LCDA in the coming local government elections received a boost as notable pillars and stakeholders of the Justice Forum in Iba LCDA declared their total support for Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril (Abila) as the next Chairman of the Local Government.

One of the reverred leaders of the group in Ojo Federal Constituency, Badagry division and in Lagos State, Alhaji Sabit Ajanaku who received the popular aspirant in his country home while signing the aspirant’s nomination form described him as a well prepared choice whose experience as a former Councilor, a former Supervisor for Works, former Sole Administrator of the local government and as a Party Man (being the current Youth Leader of the party in Iba LCDA) and his achievements as the Sole Administrator of the local government stands him out as the most qualified for the chairmanship position.

“Our group is known for integrity, proactiveness and indept political tactics, reason why Justice Forum didn’t sponsor any aspirant for the chairmanship position of Iba LCDA. If not, we would have done that six months before the release of party guidelines”~The former Local Government Vice Chairman declared while signing the nomination form of Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril (ABILA).

Mr Shakiru Yusuf, from Ward B, another notable leader of the group enunciated the reasons for supporting ABILA 2021 as his humility, respect for leaders/members across groups or caucus, his simplicity, accessibility, charismatism and the unique style of carrying party members across groups along as displayed when in office as the sole administrator of Iba LCDA.

Mrs Romoke Olawuyi, the iron lady of the group in Iba LCDA and a grassroot mobilizer, said the mouthwatering support and endorsement for ABILA 2021 is a resultant reward for his quality representation, simplicity and joviality. She commended him for not discriminating amongst the party members in all positions he had occupied. She revealed that the entire women of the group in the local government are solidly behind him.

Mr Sadu Alebiosu, the APC Youth Leader of Ward D, Iba LCDA and one of the diehard members of the Justice Forum while signing the nomination form of Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril (ABILA), revealed that it is selfishness taken too far and an insult on the general members of the group for some few members of the group to loan a political player from another group and label such person as Justice Group endorsed aspirant. He further said that “Even in football, you don’t loan a player from a club when the competition is at his peak. Are the actors behind this insult to the members of the group insinuating that there are no competent member in Iba LCDA Justice Group? He asked and concluded that since the group is not fielding any aspirant for the chairmanship position of Iba LCDA, the youths and majority of the members including respected leaders of the group have examined, screened all the aspirants and declared their support for Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril popularly known as ABILA bcos of his track record and contributions to the party.

Mr Yinusa Morufu, the APC Vice Chairman, Ward E, added that ” ABILA 2021 is beyond group afflictions. It is all about the choice of the majority. The barrage of endorsement and support across all divide, including that of workers of the Council is a testimony to ABILA’S acceptability”~He corroborated and advised others to join him on the mission to rebuilding Iba LCDA.

They also pledge and remitted financial contributions for the victory of the aspiration.


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