The undertaken manager in an unpleasant manner says he’s not ready to listen to plight of the people that his company Ikeja electric company is out to do business and nothing short of it without taking to consideration of thousands of people who depend on their supply to do their business.

The Baiyeku electricity committee secretary Mr. Lanre lead teaming customers and angry residents to Kabiesi Oba Adeboruwa’s palace to report the actions of the undertaken manager in question and he’s of the opinion that Engr Dominic has not display a good managerial skill with all that transpires in his office during the meeting that he’s not only disappointed the customers but also fail to discharge his professional skills as a manager of one of the leading energy distribution company in Nigeria.

Alhaji Abiodun Badmus, A residents and Chairman of a community explained the need for Ikeja electric company to wake up to its responsibility by attending to complains of her customers as against the diminishing attitudes put up by the undertaken manager earlier today before the interview, in his statements says that at about exactly a year ago may 2020 the leadership of the environment that comprises of over 50 CDA’s initiated a peaceful dialogue so as to address the issues faced with the communities and also maintained a good relationship with the distribution company.

It is a thing of surprise that even up till date after one year has passed the company is yet to fulfill her side of everything bargained amongst which is installation of baiyeku feeder that will address the issue of epileptic supply, loading shedding 2days ON & 1day OFF 12hours supply in 52hours, reoccurrence of faults of our DTs and many more. The Islamic cleric use this medium to call on the management to look into the matter as do the needful and the manager is not helpful to customers in this community.

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