Earlier on Sunday May 9th, 2021, the APC stakeholders of different areas across Ikorodu Division endorsed the Atere Ward councillorship aspirant in Imota Local Council Development Area, Comrade Folarin Adegboyega Awal, popularly called ‘Omo Ologo’.

This endorsememt came in shortly after the candidate had declared his intention to run for Councillorship position in the fourth coming 2021 Local Government and Local Council Development Area Elections in Lagos State.

As part of the activities in preparation for the upcoming Local Government election, the stakeholders expresses their endorsement and commendation via The Impact Group and other social media platforms.

The commendation and endorsement from stakeholders in the division started from Otunba Ganiu Olusegun Abiru (GOA), former Senatorial Aspirant, he said, “He is a very good candidate. I know our political system may not be all that reliable, let us strive to ensure that the system does not treat him and many other promising, focussed, tested youths and adults coming out for both Chairmanship and Councillorship positions unfairly and unjustly.

“We must all strive and work hard for what we wish to enjoy. Let us continue to support our talk with action. As I have always said, I believe in performance rather than emphasising on age, but in this instance, methinks, this guy under consideration is a right candidate and a sure bet who should be given a chance to prove himself” he added.

“There may be others also not known to me, hence the umpires must be seen to be fair and avoid giving preferential treatment or consideration to some contenders just because they are loyal to them or surreptitiously opt for them on the spurious claim of political experience”

He concluded that, “What is experience if you are not given the chance to acquire it? Has Governor Fashola ever been a politician? Did we not see the Nigerian wonder he performed? Let us present our our first eleven to change the political narratives of our division. That to me will be a pride to our political leaders and indeed a legacy that will be cherished eternally”.

In the same vein, the former House of Representatives Aspirant, Hon. Owolabi Anifowose in his words, “When I saw the news of Awwal declaration yesterday, my hope in a better Nigeria where leaders are not just visionaries but people of mental magnitude (Obafemi Awolowo) was renewed… my fears declined. I wasn’t really surprised but my worries is if he won’t be tagged too idealistic and perceived as a misfit in a political environment where fist is rated above wit. His venturing into this murky waters is a good development. I am so delighted he took this bold step.

Also, the Director General, Folarin Adegboyega Campaign Team – FACT, Comrade Showofora A. Olumide Onward in his own remarks titled, “FOLAGBOYE: A GREAT GIFT THAT MUST NOT BE LOST” made it known that Comarde Folarin Adegboyega Awal (Omo Ologo) has uncommonly and amazingly displayed that Nigeria (Imota, in particular) still has a handful of development visionaire and positive goal – getter youths in this era of Get-Rich-Quick syndrome fast running in the veins of our youths.

“To call him a selfless, fearless, tireless, and social engineer is never an overstatement or exaggeration. Fola, as I love calling him, is a rare homo sapien with veracity in helping people in needs as well as positively reshaping the bastardized community of his home town, Imota – Lagos State, Nigeria through various societal and developmental strategies and intellectual programmes aimed at changing and reshaping the ‘not-well-functioning mentality’ of the people in and out of his community.

Adegboyega, a graduate of Mass Communication (Lagos State Polytechnic, LASPOTECH), Political Science (Lagos State University, LASU), and a masters degree holder (University of Lagos, Unilag) outrightly proved beyond imagination that there is more to academic education and the certificate – mentality most people can die for”.

To me, “a brief profiling of his is a challenge to us as Nigerian youths when most of us are busy chasing self- glorifying, self-distructing pursuits and money-miss-road engagements. In his years in higher institution (to the best of my knowledge), he was a Unionist per excellence. He was:- The Asst. General Secretary of his faculty (SOSSA – LASU) – then, we thought he was the faculty’s President! – The President of the students from the Ikorodu Division in Lagos State (NAIDS – LASU). – A die – hard member of the students struggle that fought and won the battle against the devilish increment in LASU school fees during the administration of Babatunde Raji Fashola. – And member of too – many – to – mention extra curricular students and religious societies in his university days”.

More over, while in school, he never missed the chance of partaking and contributing his educational development quota to his home town – Imota. He has (and still) been super – actively engaging in the activities of the Imota Students Union (I.S.U) for the past ten solid years! from being a member, to an electoral officer.

From their to Asst. General Secretary, to General Secretary and ultimately to a two – term President of the Union. During his tenure, there was absolutely different and far – reaching Students Union activism. His administration introduced the following facts: – Free GCE Scholarship, – The first ever Imota Students Union Week (I.S.U. Week). This event entails; Free Health Enlightenment Exercise, Free JAMB scholarship, Youths Empowerment Programmes, genuine Awards of Excellence giving. – He co – pioneered and championed the present existing relationships between the three students union groups in Ikorodu Constituency 2 namely; Igbogbo Students Union, Ijede Students Union and Imota Students Union.

More so, he co – pioneered the first ever national body of the National Association of Ikorodu Division Students. – He tirelessly ensured that there exist a positive – result relationships between the Imota Students Union and the Local Government Council, as well as the traditional rulership of the community. – He championed the rehabilitation and renovation struggle of the far – forgotten Imota Reading Room (Library) through his unionist activism and straight – up journalism…All these, to mention but a few!

He saw the very need of community journalism as one of the developmental mechanisms, and created a transcending online media platform popularly known as the “Ayayo Gong”. Through this medium, first hand happenings within and without Imota are nakedly and meticulously shared for the awareness of global citizenry (although, this has generated ill – feelings from the power that be).
Not only that, through this media, he and his crew have passionately exhibited glorious and landmark programmes such as: – First ever ‘Political Summit’ for the Imota community as a platform for aspiring political candidates to debate on their planning programmes for the people. – First ever Street – informing bill – boards for important personalities within and outside Imota community. – Far – reaching partnerships with other online and offline media platforms and seminary groups outside the Imota community. – Ever – helping engagements with great philanthropist personalities and organizations. – The media crew (Ayayo Gong) and him are currently planning for the first ever ‘Imota Stakeholders Youth Summit’ comes next year January (2019) to intellectually discuss pressing and relevant issues revolving the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria.

“He remains a passionate developmental crusader, social engineer, lover of young minds (who believes in the saying that ” age is an issue of mind over matter.If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”…smilling), a free – giver, and genuinely believe in the youths project for the overall fruitfulness, usefulness and benefits of our youths and the general populace.

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