With undying burning desire of making a lasting impact and reconfigurating our dear Imota town and beloved Atere Ward better than what it currently look like, I resolved within myself to be involved in Imota grassroots governance through the backing and consent of my immediate family, the entire youth constituency and also, after a wide consultations with my political family and some stakeholders of our great political party, All Progressives Congress (APC) in my ward. Prior to this, I hereby with all sense of responsibility communicate my intention to offer myself to serve as councillor of Atere Ward in Imota Local Council Development Area. 

My intention to run for the office of councillor in Atere ward in Imota can be best described as ”a child of necessity” because it is geared towards inspiring and projecting the voice of entirety of people in my ward, particularly to promote youth inclusiveness that serve as one of the major cardinal focus in the manifesto of our great party and setting a new pace in the way and manner yarnings of peoples of Atere Ward can be best represented in the Legislative arm of Imota LCDA.

There is no gainsaying on the fact that we are in a very critical moment in our ward, Atere Ward. We need a trusted, articulate, proactive and quality representative that is capable of rekindling the hope of the commoners, facilitating developmental projects and programmes that would engineer good governance, transparent democracy, and further aid repositioning of Atere Ward in the right path As a progressive youth that understands the challenges that the entire people living in different areas in my ward are facing at the moment, I deem it an appropriate time to continue the work of investing in human and societal development and putting up the knowlege, talent and experience acquired in the field of advocacy, unionism and community service to enhance new initiatives and development in Imota.

On this note, I am offering myself to take my ward, our ward, Atere Ward to a level beyond common standard. For a long time up to this moment, I had the privilege of representing our town in many voluntary and non-voluntary organizations at divisional level where I am widely known to be a development crusader whose philosophy is guided with tenets of good conscience. Atere Ward is so blessed with a lot of conscious people, yet we are still lagging behind in terms of infrastructural development, economic empowerment and youth engagement.

So, the need for an urgent approach towards arresting all the uncertainties stated above in Atere Ward should not be overemphasized. My agenda for a greater Atere Ward in Imota LCDA which form the fulcrum of my aspiration and political ambition in creating a medium where more people can be fully involved and not just for the sake of occupying a polical office among other selfish reasons. In lieu of this, my intention of my aspiration is another clarion call to bring back the awaiting glory of our ward and work towards consolidating the past efforts and good legacy of past legislatures from Atere Ward.

I’m using this medium to seek for the support of all and sundry and let join hands in the task of setting a new records because we cannot afford to lag behind. Thanks for your time spent on reading this God bless Atere Ward, God bless Imota LCDA, God bless our great party, APC God bless Lagos State God bless Nigeria. Amen.

Yours truly, Comrade Folarin Adegboyega Awal (Omo Ologo)

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